A Contemporary Take on Cat Trees

Your cats aren’t just loved members of the household. They’re also some of the toughest critics you’ll ever come across, and each has their own set of quirks. One cat may love the stylish kitty bed you’ve ordered, but the next one will reject it and may even claw it up. That can make it difficult to find cat-related accessories that everyone will love. However, with the right design, a contemporary cat tree can be a happy medium. Cats love to lounge, climb, and play on it and the humans of the house love the way it adds style to the space.

The Acacia Cat Tree

This is a versatile piece that pairs modern decorating aesthetics, quality materials, and felines’ preferences. This three-foot cat tower features multiple platforms that can be customized. You can choose between mohair and plush inserts for the platforms. Mohair is perfect for active cats that like to play or scratch. This natural material will not damage their delicate pads and is available in a wide selection of colors. If you have an older cat that prefers to sleep all day, consider plush inserts. These are incredibly soft and 1/2-inch-thick to ensure maximum comfort.

For pet furniture that’s jumped on and off of, it’s important to get pieces with a sturdy design. Poorly designed cat towers are tall with narrow bases, putting them at risk of toppling. If they aren’t made of high-quality materials, there’s a good chance they’ll break when they hit the floor. You won’t have to worry about this with the Acacia. This cat tree balances its footprint with height and uses a 3/4-inch-thick base for extra stability. It’s available in a choice of colors and materials so you can coordinate with other furniture.

Now that toppling isn’t a worry, what about sliding? Not here! The Acacia Cat Tree uses non-skidding rubber feet to hold the unit firmly in place without damaging your fine flooring.

When you purchase an Acacia Cat Tree, you’re doing more than just buying a great piece of furniture. You’re also making the world a little better for felines everywhere. A portion of the proceeds are donated to a variety of cat charities including Alley Cat Allies and the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon.

Where to Get an Acacia Contemporary Cat Tree

Square Cat Habitat wants to elevate pet furniture to a stylish and functional new level. We carry a wide variety of pieces including floor standing and wall mounted units. All of the products we offer have been carefully designed and rigorously tested. Visit our store to place an order today.


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