A Guide to Printing Your Poster

Seeing a beautiful print online that you want is one thing. Getting that poster printed is a whole different ball game. Of course, you can always go to a professional to print it out for you. However, if you want to print it out yourself in your house or office, you can.

Maybe you want some posters to announce an event or workshop that you need numbers for. With a simple how-to, you can get the posters you need printed and looking as professional as any printed by a professional.

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Printing the Poster

Naturally, you must have a printer for this purpose. The first thing you do is to ensure that the printer you have is the right one. Once you ascertain that you have the right printer, follow these simple guidelines.

The Paper to Use      

A couple of important to consider when choosing the paper to print on include:

  • The weight of the paper
  •  Whether the paper is glossy or not

Posters should be printed on paper that has a bit of weight which means it should be thick. The thickness will depend on how big the poster is. For the best results, you should work with paper that is coated. The gloss on the paper makes your poster dirt and smudge resistant. The thicker and glossier the paper is, the brighter your poster will be.

Where to Print

Once you Buy Poster Prints Online, you can print them yourself after converting them to PDF. Make a few errors and learn a new skill. However, if you need the poster for professional purposes, get an expert to do it. The best printer is one who will be willing to answer any questions you may have. You can ask for recommendations or search for one online.

Once you have settled on a printer, ensure that they use the paper you want. Also, make sure that you agree on a timeline.

Inquire About Getting Your PDF to the Printer

The company printing your poster should advise you on how to get the PDF to them. IF you have a preference, ask if they are comfortable with you using it. You can:

  • Save it on a drive or CD and take it to them in person
  •   Email it to them as an attachment
  •  Upload it to their website

Most printers are very agreeable and will accept whichever method works best for the client.

Ask for a Proof

You want to be sure you are getting value for your money as well as ensuring that the poster looks as you want it to. A proof also allows you to request for corrections if you are not completely satisfied.

What you want to check are the crop and bleed marks. If they are not satisfactory, you can have the printer correct them. They will send you the proof in the form of a digital file. If you like, you can get a paper proof but you may have to pay some additional charges.

Also, ask if you can be present as the poster is being printed. This may be denied due to time limitations.

To get a quality poster, you should:

  • Keep it simple and free from clutter
  • Get a few images for comparison
  •  If you choose to DIY and you are unable to format correctly, ask the website’s customer service for help


The printer may prefer the document in another format other than PDF. Ask them which format is preferable to them and use that. Also, if you are not satisfied with the outcome, talk to the printer. They may be able to fix the problem and give you what you want.    


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