A Short Guide to Exhibition Booths

]A Short Guide to Exhibition Booths

For your business to expand, you’ll need some great marketing strategies to reach out to new consumers. A trade show or exhibition is an event where companies of an industry get together to display, demonstrate, and otherwise market their products and services to event-goers.  You can usually find these events in trade halls, event rooms, or hotels where guests can easily gather.

What are the purposes of exhibitions and similar types of events?

The primary purpose of these is to showcase different members of the trade and market upcoming new businesses or services. Highly versatile, these events can serve a variety of different purposes depending on how the event was set up. There are many fairs and exhibitions that are open to the public and are used as a marketing opportunity to introduce new brands. On the other hand, more professional events may introduce groundbreaking or industry-leading discoveries. In fact, trade shows and fairs may even restrict guests to only 

persons of note.

Why look into exhibitions?

Some business owners may scoff at the notion of participating in exhibitions. After all, in an age where digital technology and the internet have played a huge impact on the way we market, consume and perceive products, don’t exhibitions look a bit old-fashioned? So why should you look into exhibition services in Singapore in the first place?

This is because exhibitions, rather than just a tool for marketing, is an extremely educational and engaging experience as well. You can learn more about the top people in your industry, find collaborative and stimulating opportunities, as well as get to know the latest innovations happening right now.


The exhibition booth: where your company shines

What happens during these fair? It depends on the event, but most of them feature workshops, shows, demonstrations, and yes, exhibitions. The exhibition booth is a special area for a company to showcase their brand and products. It is a place where people can learn vital information about the business itself.

So it’s important to have a good booth design in order to attract curious attendees to you. Much like retail interior design, you need to follow certain principles and ensure that all the elements blend together in a design that will leave visitors with a lasting impression of your brand and products. 

Even if an exhibition booth is not a permanent fixture like a retail outlet or shop, you still need to pay attention to its design and layout. For this reason, many companies often employ the services of an exhibition booth designer to create visually appealing designs.


The job of an exhibition booth designer

Much like many interior design firms, companies that specialise in exhibition design are comprised of experts that have specialised knowledge that you will definitely need to create your booth. They are adept in creating exhibition concepts and themes, evaluating their feasibility, and supervising the project from start to finish.

Many companies regularly utilise their services for these events. They are a necessity for those who might need assistance in creating exhibits for use at these events.


How to design a great booth

Participating in an event? Of course you want to have the best booth design in the exhibition to stand out! Creating an eye-catching design in a sea of competitors won’t always be easy or cheap, but if you pull it off well, the return on investment will vastly outweigh the costs of creating your booth and displays. Here are a few tips to help you secure the top spot at your trade show, fair, or exhibition.

  1. Get the most out of the space that you have. First, you’ll need to decide on the size of your booth. Bigger is not always better, and sometimes empty spaces can look gaping. Make sure the floor space you rent is neither too cramped or too roomy.
  2. Choose the location of your exhibit wisely. Think of your space as prime real estate. Having a good location is getting great traffic towards your booth and more guests seeing your displays. Somewhere near the entrance or the aisles is best.
  3. Create a compelling theme. All that fuss over exhibition booth space or location would be for nought if you can’t retain your guests’ attention. Theme your booth after your brand and use it to add some life into your booth.

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