Baseball- A game of bat and ball

Baseball is a bat and ball game that is played between the two teams. It is one of the most competitive games that is watched by many fans all over the world. There is a turn for batting and fielding. One team bats first and the other team fields and vice versa. 

Fielding team and the batting team

The fielding team has to throw a ball at the player holding the baseball bat. The target for the player holding the baseball bat is to hit the ball within the field of play and to aim for runs 와이즈토토. This team that is running for runs is known as the Offensive team, the batting team. 

The team that is throwing the ball is known as Defensive team, the fielding team. The defensive team’s target is to restrict the offensive team from running. A run is made when the runner goes beyond the bases and touches the home plate. A home plate is a place where the runner activates and starts running. 

Runs are scored while approaching the bases

So, he has to come to the same point in order to complete the run. At the end of the game, whichever team has most runs will be declared as the winners. In this way, a runner who approaches the first base without being called out can advance to the next bases. 

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The fielding team, at this point, tries to make the runner out. The batting team’s turn finishes once they have conceded 3 outs. So, in this way, the fielding teams start prepping for their turn as the batting team. 

Two competitive teams and their battle

This is how baseball is played by having two competitive teams. One is the batting team, and the other one is the fielding team. Each turn is known as an inning. There are no more than 9 innings in one game. There is no watch involved in the entire game. 

The national sports of America 

Baseball has been recognized as the national sports of the United States of America. The game is widely watched and widely played in the United States. The basic tools of the game are a bat, ball and the gloves (also known as mitt).

Need for protective helmets

Protective helmets are also needed to be worn by the players in order to protect from injuries and bruises. 


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