Beautify Your Feet with Anklets from H&M in KSA

GWe all focus on the jewelry and accessory we have to wear on our wrists, fingers, ears, neck, and hair, but did it ever occur to you about the accessory your feet can adorn? Feet is usually the most neglected part of our body even though they pretty much show off in whatever dress we wear. If you wear good looking footwear, that just isn’t enough, there’s an accessory which can enhance the beauty of your feet and that’s the anklet. This chain based accessory is worn around your ankles and at H&M you can find various designs of it. Use the H&M coupon to get multiple designs of anklets and flaunt your feet.

A Tradition with an Innovation

The anklet is the traditional jewelry of the sub-continent, especially Indian women. It all started with their traditional dances where the men and women were supposed to wear large anklets with tiny bells in them so that they can make sound with their every leg movement. With the innovation, the size of the anklets reduced to a small chain with fewer bells, and then it went further to a very thin chain with few small charms hanging on it. Use the H&M coupon and get your hands on these gorgeous delicate anklets to enhance the beauty of your feet.

Choose Wisely

With the variety of anklets available at H&M, it is very important to make your choice wisely. The first thing to consider is the color of the anklets. These anklets are available in gold, silver, and rose-gold colors. You can get one in each color with the use of an H&M coupon so that you can pair them with different dresses. Apart from the regular chain ones, you will find them in beads and stones too, some of them can be tied with a lock while others have an elastic band so that it can be easily fit on your ankle. These are known as the flexible anklets and are very popular among teenagers since they can pair it with their colorful outfits, especially capris and shorts. While the inflexible anklets, the chain ones are more popular among women who are of the age 20 and above.

Pair with the Right Footwear

The anklet is mostly worn on one foot only while there’s no hard and fast rule, you can wear it on your second foot too. These little pieces of jewelry bring the attention of someone straight to your feet and add a little sparkle to your entire getup. However, when wearing an anklet makes sure you pair the right footwear with it. For example, an anklet will not good look with gladiator heels or sandals, or pumps and platform heels that have ankle straps. They will be hidden behind the straps and even if you tie them above your ankle strap they will not give off a very nice look since they will be tied on your calf. An anklet goes well with flip flops, pumps, any type of footwear which doesn’t have any sort of ankle strap. Make your feet recognized by purchasing anklets from H&M using the H&M coupon.


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