Best Personal Equipment Stores Online

Personal protective equipment or PPE consists of pieces of clothing and equipment made and worn to protect employees, staff, visitors or contractors against any contamination or accidents brought about by workplace hazards. Most industries these days require at least one piece of protection. Whether you’re working in retail or construction, it’s essential to have protective equipment to shield yourself from any hazards. 

With the pandemic, PPE has become even more essential. Wearing proper PPE is important to limit the acquisition and transmission of COVID-19 and protect not just the health professionals and patients they care for but also the general public. Gloves, masks, gowns and eye protection serve as physical barriers to the transmission of transmissible particles present in bodily fluids.

However, it can be challenging to know where to purchase quality PPE suited for various industries. So, here are a few of the best eCommerce stores to help you find the PPE that can make you stay safe.

Top eCommerce stores for PPEs

Amazon Australia

From safety goggles to face masks, you’ll find almost everything you need at Amazon Australia. Aside from the product description, you’ll also see customer ratings and feedback to help you decide which item to buy. It’s a perfect way to gauge the quality of the product without spending a dime.

You’ll see millions of items through this eCommerce site and can even have them delivered for free if you have an Amazon Prime subscription. You can also easily compare similar products without purchasing them.


Another eCommerce giant that you can consider is eBay. eBay is a pioneer in creating and marketing a website to match both sellers of various goods and services and the buyers. You’ll find a wide range of personal protective equipment at ranging prices.

eBay also offers free shipping with eBay Plus, which makes shopping easier. In addition to having various products, they also add new items each day, making your choices even broader.


Dexcon is the leading PPE procurement company that delivers premium medical devices and protective equipment. They currently supply products to various industries, including retail, industrial and medical sectors.

Besides a wide range of protective gear, this PPE store also carries different rapid tests (both oral fluid and nasal tests), as well as a high-end P2 AMD nanotechnology filtration respirator. You can also find disinfectant solutions for cleaning various surfaces.


Although they don’t carry a massive amount of PPEs, unlike the first two eCommerce giants on the list, they do have a selection of safety glasses that you’ll find reasonable.

What’s excellent about OZSALE is that they have an after-pay option available, which gives their customers the option to pay for the item after checking out. They also offer free shipping for select products at affordable prices.

Totally Workwear

Totally Workwear is another option to get all your PPE needs and more. Their website allows you to find your size with its specialised men and women’s size chart and even gives you the option to make it unique with their embroidery service.

Totally Workwear offers free shipping to customers who make more than $100 on a single purchase. Also, they’ll be more than happy to accept any returns if it’s within 30 days.


Bunnings offers P2 respirators, gloves and so much more. They have a Zip Pay option and a price-beat guarantee, which can be helpful, especially when you’re looking for products at the best price.

Factors to Consider in Selecting the Best PPE

A balance between safety and comfort

When choosing the right PPE, one significant aspect is to find the right balance between comfort and safety. If you feel uncomfortable with your PPE when you move, there’s a high likelihood that your work morale will drop. That’s why it’s essential to find a balance to avoid such incidents. A comfortable PPE that can provide the wearer with safety is the best PPE you could have. 

Proper sizing and fit

Your PPE should have the right fit and size to help you move and work appropriately. In most tasks that require manual labour, wearing loose PPEs can immensely help a person feel comfortable with every move. However, choosing excessively loose ones might cause you to get caught in machines or even moving vehicles, causing potential accidents in the long run.

To help avoid these things from happening, it’s highly advisable to find the best gear at the correct size. Although the PPE you should buy doesn’t need to be perfectly form-fitting, you still need to ensure that it isn’t baggy either. 


One of the most critical factors that most companies consider when choosing protective equipment is pricing. In balancing the quality and cost, it’s essential to consider the gear’s resistance level.

There’s barely any difference in most PPE types because all of them have a general design of protecting the wearer from accidents. However, there might be a price difference in the equipment’s resistance level.

Final Thoughts

PPE saves lives. So, it’s essential to purchase quality PPE from your trusted brand. Remember that safety is a long-term investment. Although you may be paying at a higher initial price, it’ll undoubtedly pay off in the long run.

You need to consider various aspects when choosing the proper protective equipment. Aside from the size and comfortability, it would be best to consider the threat level and the industry. Most importantly, pricing matters, too. However, rather than thinking about the price of the gear, consider how much it’ll cost you when you choose a less than ideal PPE.