Can a Gym be Responsible for Injuries You Sustain in an Accident?

As a gym-goer, you expect the gym to be well maintained and with safe-to-use equipment. But, certain gym equipment could break a bone and any clutter on the floor can be a tripping hazard. A lot of gyms depend on liability waivers to try to avoid liability when an accident happens. But, is it possible to hold a gym liable for any injuries patrons sustain?

Common Accidents that Happen in Gyms

If the gym’s staff fails to maintain the facility, the floor could have leaks and spills. Also, gym equipment must be maintained; otherwise, it could cause serious injuries. As a business facility, gyms must have buildings and sidewalks that are safe for people to walk. A poorly maintained gym can result in people slipping and falling. This can injure their back, head, and limbs. It is imperative to note that defective equipment could be a result of a manufacturing error. 

Moreover, gym members can also be negligent. For instance, they may not pay attention to their surroundings and hit another person when they drop the weights. 

Impact of Gym Liability Waivers on a Claim

The majority of gyms will ask their members to sign a waiver for using their facilities. But, this does not mean you cannot take legal action if you suffer injuries in an accident. A Cedar Rapids personal injury lawyer can analyze the waiver, so you can know the legal actions you can take. In addition, if a gym demonstrated gross negligence, the waiver may not prevent you from taking legal action. 

What to Do After a Gym Accident

An injury sustained in a gym can make you feel shocked, in pain, and embarrassed. Because of the shock, you may feel your injuries and symptoms right away. After the accident, just stay still and ask someone to assist you. Let the gym manager or owner know about your accident. Try to document what occurred and get information of any witness. 

See your doctor after you leave the gym, so they can assess your injuries and treat you. After having a recovery plan, contact an injury lawyer. Your attorney will ensure you can get compensated for your injuries and suffering. They will evaluate your case and let you know about your legal options and what to do to proceed. An experienced attorney is not afraid to hold a gym responsible for their negligence and will focus on recovering full compensation for you. 

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