Can I File a Case Without Police Report?

When a car accident occurs, what is expected from the police is that they write a report about the events that caused the accident.

This report has different opinions about its importance when filing a report to the insurance company and contacting Gordon & Gordon Law Firm for a firm advise.

So, some people think that this is not a mandatory document unless you want to file a report with your insurance company. And still, others believe that having a full report depends on the police officer.

However, all these views are inaccurate. If a police investigation is not conducted, or if the police report does not contain the driver’s insurance information, an official report must be submitted within a week.

Why is it so Necessary to File a Police Report?

No matter how light or serious an accident may be, those involved in the accident must request a police investigation and a report of the scene of the accident, because the report will protect their rights as a victim of a traffic accident.

In addition, the police report will also contain relevant information such as how the accident occurred, who was the culprit, information about injuries and visible damage to the vehicles, or other information that is important to be studied and investigated in the incident.

Therefore, if you have been the victim of an accident, having a copy of this police report will help protect your rights to receive fair and adequate medical care.

In addition, insurance companies usually tend to delay or deny medical treatment of accident injuries because they can not be verified at the time.

Can a Police Report Help in My Accident Injuries?

It is very common that when a person has been injured in an accident, believe that it is only a minor injury because he feels a slight injury, or just some bumps and bruises.

Some may also believe that it is only a mild headache or stomach pain due to the stress of the event. Many just want to send the vehicle damage report and move on with their lives.

Unfortunately, most of these injuries can be much more serious than people think. Stomach upset may not be nerves or stress, but may be internal bleeding when shaken against the inside of the car.

Bruises and bruises can be fractures or sprains that require treatment.


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