Cheap landscaping ideas for your backyard:

20 Cheap Landscaping Ideas For Backyard

Many people love to decorate their gardens through different decorations. Some prefer stone garden ornaments, while others go for garden water features. Every ornament is unique in its own way that adds beauty to your garden. Several cheap ways are present that allow the person to decorate the backyard in fun ways. Some of them are listed below,


Mulching is the process that saves your time and money. However, the whole process can be expensive itself. Here are few cost-effective ideas that you should know.

Low-cost mulch substitutes: 

Grass clippings:  In mowing, rake up the clippings and spread in over your flower beds.

Leaves:  shredded leaves are the cheap alternative that offers nutrients to the plants.

Pine needles: They are low maintenance, light-weighted, and easy to spread.

Compost: If you have made the compost bin, don’t layer it too thick. Excess heat provides damage to the plants. 

Newspaper: After reading the newspaper, you can make a five pages layer on the ground. Cover with topsoil before planting anything. 

Stone: No doubt, the stone is a good choice, but it is not suitable for every plant. In some plants, it can cut down your weeding and maintenance costs. It is important to choose the right spot for your stone mulch.

Repurpose old tires: 

Tires are heavy, and waste haulers don’t accept them easily. In this way, you can make good use of it. No doubt, tires are inexpensive and easy to find. Also, you can get it from the local recycling plant for few dollars. Many people give old tires for free as well. Here are few ways that allow you to landscape with recycled tires.

  • Cover the tires with an outdoor pillow casing. Also, you can use durable ropes.
  • Stack tires to create decorative and unique planters.
  • To make a hanging planter, fill one half with soil and attach it to the wall or fence.
  • You can use tire as a base to make a man-made garden pond.
  • Children love to play with tires. You can make a swing with a tire in your garden. 

Go vertical:

If you love yard or garden, but don’t have space or money, consider a vertical garden. The vertical garden is a simple way to grow plants that use vertical space. Many people love the small backyard landscape. For these people, vertical gardens are a good place and low budget idea to start. You can use recycled material like old plastic bottles to make a vertical garden.

DIY vertical garden ideas: 

  • You can use wires, a wooden ladder, and terracotta pots to make the front porch of the vertical garden.
  • If you have old paint cans, you can wash and re-use them. Fill one half with soil and hang them to make a vertical herb garden.
  • Use wooden screws and pot hangers to turn your wooden fence into a vertical garden.

Add a splash of colors: 

To decorate your backyard, add some colors. Only a simple painting can give your garden a contemporary look. Another way is to paint metal, wood, or plastic chairs with a fresh coat of paint.


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