Child Abuse Inside The Family; Walter Babst

Nothing can be worse than abusing a little child. Children are very innocent and pure at heart. Some children might be a bit painful to handle but they do not do something which is punishable. Also most of the time doesn’t think what they’re doing. It’s playful for them. There are many kinds of child abuse – physical, mentaland sexual sadly all three to children.

Parents should not scold the children or beat them for any reason. They do not understand the effect of their wrongdoing so it is mandatory to make them understand the gravity of the things they do. For examPLE if a child of ten wets the bed, then the parents should make them wash it. That’s how they will understand to children take responsibility and how does it feel. From next time they won’t do it.

In many cases the parents beat the being drunk or under influence of any drug. This happens mostly in lower class background where children are burdens to the parents so they beat them for smallest excuses. These kinds of attitudes make the children rude and violent when they grow up. Abuse always effects the child’s mindand that helps them in becoming a bad person in the future. Most of the antisocial activities are done by those who had a rough childhood.

How a rough childhood leads a child towards the dark side:

Childhood is the time when a person develops both physically and mentally. It’s ability to respect, behave, reciprocate everything develop with the child. In this growing age if a person is hurt, he/she will be messed up forever. A survey has said that mostly children belonging to a low financed family or those who are in poverty or below poverty level, are regularly abused. Their parents cannot provide them with food and they get bitten for no reason.

Due to poverty some children get indulged into criminal activities like theft, drugs supply and this is how their childhood is ruined. Once a child gets into the dark paths in order to support his/her family, it’s impossible for that child to come back from that situation. Also there are antisocial people who get the children indulge into these kind of activities.

In the third world countries children are often used by their parents or underworld associations. They use them to beg. Most of the time out of pity people gives them money more than usual, so they use them in this filthy business. It is proved in some cases that the children are highly dosed with medicine so that they don’t ask for food or cry.

These horrendous acts totally change a child’s thought and mentality. It thinks that this is the way of life and they continue doing so later when they grow up. Walter Babst was also led to criminal activities because his childhood was messed up. That’s how abuse in the childhood can lead a person to criminal acts as well as to becomean assassin.


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