Choosing from Different Types of Generators

Generators are important for providing power in areas where there is no access to electricity. They are used for many different purposes including construction, farming and even camping. However, when choosing the best generator for your needs, it can be difficult to know what features you need or what the best type of generator is. To make things a little easier, we have put together a list of the most popular types of generators and discussed what they are best used for.

If you are looking for a generator for your home or office, the first thing to consider is its capacity. What kind of appliances will be run by the generator? Will the generator be used to power a refrigerator, a satellite dish, or both at once?

Medium Capacity Generators

Medium capacity generators are great for running a few appliances and making sure you have enough power to last through an emergency situation. You should be able to run your refrigerator, lights, TV and a few small appliances with one of these units. Keep in mind that some medium capacity generators have surge protection so make sure you check the features of any unit you purchase before plugging in any sensitive electronic devices.

Large Capacity Generators

Large capacity generators are used for more than just emergencies. If you want to be able to use several appliances at once or you want to run an air conditioner or other heavy equipment then this is the type of generator for you. Large capacity generators are also good if you want the ability to camp outdoors because they provide a lot more energy than most medium units. Just be aware that some large capacity generators can weigh hundreds of pounds so plan ahead for transportation and storage needs.

The fuel source is another important thing to consider. Diesel generators are more expensive but generate more electricity than propane generators. On the other hand, propane generators are cheaper to buy but more expensive to maintain and operate. Natural gas generators are also a good alternative but they cost more than propane and diesel generators.

The next thing to think about when buying a generator is the environment where it will be operated. Will it be used in an area with extreme temperatures? If so, then you may need a portable generator that runs on gasoline or propane because they can withstand extreme heat and cold better than those that run on diesel or natural gas fuel.

If price is your biggest concern, then you might want to consider purchasing an inverter generator instead of one that operates at full capacity all the time. These models don’t run continuously at their full kilowatt rating; they only produce as much power as they need in order to keep up with demand.

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