Choosing The Best Game Console

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There is a whole universe around video games. The number of next-generation game consoles sold on the market is so vast that it becomes overwhelming for inexperienced buyers. What console to buy? How to choose your perfect console? What is the best console? The answer is quite simple: it depends on your needs and tastes.

We cannot say that PlayStation is better than Xbox or Nintendo since each of them has its audience. Deciding on one console or another will depend not only on the budget we have but also on our interests on different topics: target audience, video game catalog, versatility when playing, etc. However, do not worry since we will do our best to help you make the right decision from this article.

Which Video Game Console To Choose

As we have mentioned before, choosing one video game console over another will depend on different factors. Although each platform has some exclusive titles, almost all share some video games that make this factor not so decisive. If you are thinking about which portable console to buy, we recommend asking yourself the following questions first:

· What use are you going to give it? Daily or sporadic?

· Is it a console for the whole family, for children or adults?

· What is your budget?

· Do you want to use the game console to play games or watch movies or use applications?

· How do you want to play? ¿ Online, offline, single, or multiplayer?

· Do you want a console to play at home or to take with you everywhere?

All these questions can help you choose one option or another. For example, among the latest generation consoles, only the Nintendo Switch can take the device anywhere. In return, PlayStation and Xbox offer better visual quality and ease in connecting with the three eye plug (ปลั๊ก 3 ตา which is the term in Thai)


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