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When celebrating your educational accomplishments, you need friends and relatives by your side to give the event more meaning. Mixbook lets you share the information with a difference through unique and quality cards. If you need custom graduation cards with a professional touch, Mixbook can help you get the best at an affordable price. Read on to make your cards memorable, informative, and durable.

What Makes Mixbook Best for My Graduation Greeting Cards?

·       Mixbook understands what you need. Mixbook simplifies your search for a unique style and presentation when designing your graduation greeting cards and other printed designs. The available designs save you the hassle of first-time designing.

·       Mixbook presents designs from top designers and studios. Through Mixbook, you can get templates from globally acclaimed designers like Martha Stewart, Oh Joy, EttaVee, Studio Calico, Jess Phoenix, and more upcoming artists to maintain a supply of fresh content.

·       Mixbook challenges your creativity. You may toggle between the available designs to meet your fashion, taste, and preferences. Mixbook also lets you upload fonts, backgrounds, and final touches from your collection to make the card more attractive and unique.

·       There is something for everyone. Mixbook features a series of templates, fonts, colors, graphics, stickers, backgrounds, and designs for various fashions, tastes, and preferences. The platform also features easy-to-follow prompts making it best for first-time and seasoned users.

·       You can add a personal touch to each card. Mixbook lets you customize each card with a specific photo and message for each recipient. The message may be a thank you note for those that gave you material and emotional support through various levels of education.

·       Bulk orders attract handsome discounts. After designing your cards, Mixbook lets you choose the required number of cards. You should order the cards in bulk to enjoy huge discounts and special offers selected explicitly for you.

Factors to Consider When Composing Graduation Greeting Cards

ü  Inform guests of possible changes. In uncertain times, you may be a victim of last-minute changes to your graduation plans. To avoid having your guests stranded on your big day, let your guests know of possible room for changes to your plans.

ü  Include contact information. Each card should inform the recipient of how you may be reached. Indicate your Facebook name, email address, and link to your WhatsApp group at an easily accessible part of the card to improve your accessibility and availability.

ü  Include photos. Photos make your card more appealing and fully customized to deliver a personal touch. You may choose photos highlighting your experience in the journey towards graduation or a photo of each recipient on every individual card.

ü  Add a personal touch to each card. Mixbook lets you customize the card to your specifications. Consider the tastes and preferences of each recipient to find the best fonts, message, layout, color, and shapes for your card to make the greeting card unforgettable.

Final Thoughts

Mixbook saves you the time required to prepare high-quality and unique graduation greeting cards. You may use the extra time to make arrangements for the upcoming event and graduation party. Each order is delivered within the stipulated time and possibly, earlier.

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