Differ 3- reel slot from 5-reel

The entire online casino has taken the slots as video slots. With reels and slots on the screen, there is no denying how entertaining it can get for the people. The online version has taken the game from land to desktop and mobile level. Even in Asian countries like Thailand, the online casinos have adapted well to the culture. Slots are one such game that got widely accepted by everyone. With popular slots provider like มาเฟีย88, it has got easier to access online casino games.

When you talk of about slots online, there are hundreds of games relating to it. But with constant development the usual 3-reel slots have changed to 5-reel slots. The slot games have 3, 5 and 7-reels too. In this article, we will discuss the difference between the 3-reel and 5-reel.

It is noticed that 5-reels are much better than 3-reels. It has more bonus offers and bigger prize amounts. So, let’s check.

Payout percentage.

The payout percentage is the money taken by the slot as a wager and is returned to them as a win. It is also as Return to Player, (RTP). Now, the payout percentage depends on the limit set in the video slot or the slot machine. So, be it 3-reel or 5-reel or even 10-reel, if the payout percentage is set to be 95%, it will keep 2% of it, and the rest is paid to the player.

Winning combination

 Now, the reason why 5-slots are more trending is because it is observed to create more winnings. The term for winning combinations is known as the hit frequency. It refers to the winning combination with reference to the losing combination. The slots will have both the win and losses. That is what the hit frequency calculates. For instance, if you put, 1$ as wager, then you get 0.50$ back then it is a winning combination with prizes. But it that 0.50$ does not return to the player, means a loss.

The thing to remember is that the payout should be small than big ones. If you get the losing combination, it can be managed. The 5-reels bring more winning frequency below mid-range payouts.

The max bet

It is as simple as its name. The Max bet means the higher amount of wager on a spin. There are varieties of games in slots and different kids. From standard classic slot, to progressive jackpots, to 3D slots, and then 5-reels slot and video slots.

Each gaming category has different pay tables. The max bet depends on it. 

So, even if the slot is from the provider like mafia88, there is no fixed betting limit. But it does ensure security and quality betting styles. In the debate of if 3-reel slot is better than 5-reel slot, then it can be noticed that 5-reel slot is a wanted choice. But, again playing a casino game online and choosing a game is a choice everyone makes personally. There is nothing wrong with 3-reel just 5-reel offers variety.


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