Do I need a house survey?

When buying a home, it is important to make the right decision and choose the property that is suitable for your lifestyle needs. The house should be in good condition with all the facilities and amenities around. But the most important question that worries the buyers are – in the house survey needed before buying the property?

The benefit of house survey

Yes, the house survey is important. It shows the current condition of the house. The house survey helps you with information that may not be communicated by the seller. And this helps you with effective purchase decision.

The survey report also can be used as information to negotiate the price of the property. But remember that the buyers will also ensure that the survey does not show any major issues with the building.

Cost of survey

There are various types of surveys at a varied price range that you can opt from. From the basic and cheaper option, the survey can be detailed, in-depth and expensive.

Condition report – This is the basic survey. It includes the property details like the potential risks and defects of the building. The report helps to find out the right status of the building through traffic light signals and tells you if the amount that you are paying for the property is appropriate based on the condition.

  • Red – Any issues that are found to be serious
  • Orange – The cause for concern
  • Green – Property good to buy

Home Buyer Report – This type of survey is a more detailed report than the condition report, which includes information in the basic survey along with additional other details. Some of the additional details are broadband speed, damp assessment and previous boundary disputes. The cost of how much we need to pay depend on the how big the property that we are requesting for the survey.

Building Survey – It is also known as a full or structural survey and is the most expensive survey process. Though building survey suits all types of houses, it is the best-suited one for older buildings.

The full survey provides you with detailed information of the previous two surveys, along with a loft, behind walls and between floors details. The survey also provides information relating to repairs and the estimated cost for renovation.

Remember that the amount of time it takes for a home survey depends on the type of survey you choose and the size of the property.

 We spend a lot of money to purchase the right apartment for ourselves and our loved one and consider to survey as an unnecessary expense.  But, the survey helps us to discover the unnoticed issues in the property, helping us decide if the issue could cause any serious problems in the future, or how much should be spent on renovation after the purchase. It also helps in negotiating the price of the property with the seller.

The Residential property surveyor will be able to help you in providing accurate information. Ensure to find a reliable and professional property surveyors so that you can be sure that you are in safe hands and will be well looked after with all your needs.


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