Expensive HR Mistakes to Avoid In Your Manufacturing Plant

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When running a manufacturing organization, the output, profitability, and success that you can achieve depend on a number of things, and one of them is the HR department’s decisions. 

For example, if you employ highly skilled staff, your organization is likely to enjoy more innovativeness. However, mistakes in the HR unit can affect the entire manufacturing unit, resulting in huge losses and even closure. In this post, we will tell you about these costly mistakes and how to avoid them. 

Poor Hiring and Firing Processes 

When you follow top-notch hiring practices, it becomes easy to bring on board highly qualified staff. 

The effect will be higher productivity, a stronger brand, and less staff attrition. However, wrong hiring and firing practices are likely to cause your organization a lot of trouble. For example, a bad firing process might have serious legal implications for your enterprise. Here is a list of bad hiring and firing processes to avoid; 

  • Hiring too quickly 
  • Failing to hire internally 
  • Neglecting labor laws about hiring 
  • Not asking the right questions when hiring staff for your company 
  • Failing to document disciplinary actions against your staff 

Poor Onboarding Processes 

When you bring new staff on board, one of the serious mistakes is failing to acquaint them well with their new roles. 

Even if they are qualified for the new positions, the fact that they are working in new environments might make them take longer to get used to your system. To get them started well, your supervisor should orient them to the new tasks until they become used to their new stations. If you have employed a new plant operator, ask one of the technicians or workers to take some moment with him/her. This will also be a great way of building good relationships and a positive culture in your organization. 

Selecting the Favorites 

One of the common mistakes that HR managers make is selecting favorites. Whether you are working on promotions or identifying representatives, picking the favorites is likely to result in suboptimal performance and even erode staff morale. 

Instead of picking the favorites, you should aim to select the most qualified employee, depending on the task. Here are some questions to ask before picking a candidate for a specific task, such as representing the department in a new operation:

  • How has the candidate been performing in his/her duties? 
  • What about his/her communication skills? 
  • What does his/her current manager have to say?

Failing to Focus on HR Development 

Even after hiring highly qualified staff, failing to focus on staff development is a serious mistake. Your employees are likely to stagnate and fail to develop new skills that are needed for success in a modern workplace. 

To train your staff, make sure to carry regular appraisals to identify the skills gap that needs to be filled and adopt the right coaching models, such as on job training.  

If you have a manufacturing unit, as outlined here, it is crucial to ensure that you have the best HR departments. Furthermore, you should ensure that all the decisions are carefully thought out and avoid the mistakes we have highlighted in this post.


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