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With the advent of the Internet and online casinos, sports betting has skyrocketed and soccer has become the leader in sports betting due to its wide impact due to the large number of king sports fans that exist globally (around 3,500 million people enjoy soccer), so it is important to know how to bet safely.

Although winning at sports betting is not easy, there are methods to minimize the risks and mistakes that we can make when making our sports bets.

  • The first advice is to make the slot88 bet through recognized online casinos, sign up and take advantage of bonuses such as those granted, since they give more opportunities to play, once we have located within the online casino the betting section comes the choice of the match and team to bet on.
  • The choice of soccer team and League in soccer betting is not a minor thing, since the small leagues or countries where soccer is a minority, for example Southeast Asia or the
  • Eastern Europe is usually leagues where match-fixing can happen, making betting unsafe.

Choosing important leagues such as the Spanish League, the Premier League, the French League 1, the Bundesliga or Calcio ensures us clean matches and very well-known teams of which there are hundreds of statistics that we can study to be more accurate in our bets.

The Right Choices

Knowing the average odds of the main bookmakers is a great way to be successful in sports betting on football, because the lower the odds, the greater the possibility of that team winning the match, so a odds greater than 2 means that the team has a 50% probability of winning and greater than 3 less than 33.3%, so you should always bet on odds below 1.5 to 1, that is, from 66.6% to 100%.

Betting house 

  • Bookmaker that simply acts as an intermediary between the bettors, who are the ones who define the final odds. The user himself can act as a bookie or a traditional bettor. The profit of these houses is obtained from the commissions obtained from the profits of each bettor. Generally oscillating between 2% -5%..

Odds comparator

  • Table that collects the value of the odds offered by the different bookmakers for the same event. It allows the bettor to check which house would offer him the most benefits in case of winning his bet.


  • Person who studies, catalogs and bets on sporting events and / or horse races.
  • Head to Head (H2H): The bet wins if the best athlete between two participants is successful. These bets exist in sports disciplines such as Formula One, tennis, vadminton or downhill skiing.
  • Hedging: Strategy consisting of betting on the two teams participating in a sporting event with the sole purpose of preventing losses or guaranteeing a minimum level of profit.
  • IBAS: (Independent Arbitration Betting Service). Independent body responsible for the resolution of possible disputes between bookmakers and their clients.