Five Tricks To Quickly Dry Clothes

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Panic! You have an important date, and that garment that makes you feel so good is dirty. It has been a crazy week, and you have all your dirty clothes and time is on you 

We show you five tricks to dry your clothes faster. A series of simple actions that will allow you to have your favourite shirt ready and to attend your next event done with a brush.

Tend With Your Head

Use the fastest program your washing machine has; there are already up to 15 minutes. Then hang the clothes respecting a minimum distance between the clothes. If you have space, hang it on hangers, this will reduce the drying time considerably.

The Towel Tricks

Open a large bath towel wide and spread it out on a flat surface. Now you can place the shirt you want to wear, wide open over the entire towel. Roll up the whole set tightly, as if it were a spring roll. The towel will attract moisture, and the shirt will dry quickly.

The Towel Trick 2.0

Throw a large towel into the dryer during the drying cycle. This will decrease the time it will take for your garment to dry as the towel will absorb moisture from the rest of the garments.

Dryer VS Radiator

In winter, we have the habit of taking advantage of the heat from the radiator to dry our clothes quickly. This has several advantages.

If you have central heating, one night will be enough to get even the heaviest garment ready to wear. This has another consequence. If you use enough fabric softener, the heat generated by the radiator will flood your whole house with a pleasant smell. If you shop indoors, we advise you to use a humidifier.

Vegetable drainer

You can use a vegetable squeegee to dry small items such as handkerchiefs or underwear. In addition to draining all these small items well, passing them through the vegetable drainer will remove up to 50 per cent of the moisture without wreath (พวงมาลา which is the term in Thai).


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