Football Options You Can Go For in Sports betting


Football is a sport that has been popularized by many, but there are several reasons why football betting is so immensely popular. First of all, the enormous offer, both in terms of the football matches themselves and the various football bets, is of course one of the main reasons why so much is bet on football. Because football is played in almost all countries, there are football matches at any time of the day that you can bet on.

The Additional Options

In addition to the most famous European football tournaments, the Champions League and the Europa League , you can also place great bets on matches in the Bundesliga , the Premier League , the Eredivisie, the Jupiler Pro League and La Liga . Consider, for example, the Real Madrid – Barcelona match. Everyone, even those who don’t watch football, are familiar with great classics like this. But there is also plenty of football outside Europe, and of course large tournaments such as the World Cup, the Copa América and the Africa Cup of Nations are perfect events to place a bet on a football match. The gemparqq bets are perfect there.

  • In addition, the general knowledge of football is very large. This allows many people to participate in betting on football matches. The famous football clubs such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona , Bayern Munich , Liverpool FC , Ajax and Manchester City are clubs that everyone knows. This makes it easy to get advice about betting on football matches.
  • The betting options are also endless. For football matches you can bet on different players, teams, leagues and tournaments, goals, corners and cards. This makes betting on football very diverse and therefore it remains interesting.

Pre-Match and Live In-Game Football Betting

First of all, you should know that in betting on football a distinction can be made between pre-match bets and live in-game bets. In pre-match betting you can only bet money before the match starts. The odds may change as the game approaches, but unless very strange things happen, the odds will not change much. In addition, many bookmakers offer “Best Odds Guaranteed “, which means that your odds are automatically adjusted on your bet slip if they change in your favor.

The number of pre-match football bets is often higher than the number of live football bets, as for example the bet for the first yellow card or the first goal may lapse over time.

In live betting, you can bet on a football match that is currently being played during a match. The big advantage of this type of bet is that you can follow the matches with even more excitement. In live football betting, odds fluctuate depending on events during the match. The elapsed time, a given card, an injury or a goal are some of the factors that influence the live odds.


Live bets are not only very exciting, but can also be very lucrative. If you bet on an unlikely event at the end of the match and win this bet, you can make a lot of money with it. But in addition to being an exciting and potentially lucrative pastime, the fact that you can almost always watch a live stream of the match while betting live makes it all the more fun. Watch a live stream of the Champions League as you place your bets and you are guaranteed a great night.