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What does the GCash logo mean?

The brand mark was designed to convey this balance between work and life. The GCash logo icon consists of 3 elements — the clear and central G; the round integrated C symbolizing coins and money; and finally the pay waves, symbolizing the mobile nature of the brand, expanding and growing to symbolize all that you can do with GCash.

How to open GCash on PC?

How to Open GCash in computer 1 After downloading Bluestacks, install it. 2 Assuming you are done with the installation, open your Bluestacks. 3 Inside your Bluestacks, in the search field, type GCash and press the magnifying glass to start the search. 4 In the search results, find GCash and click the Visit Google Play. More items...

What's the difference between GCash and Globe?

GCash used to be part of myGlobe, Globe's line of mobile services. Since Globe's rebrand, the wordmark was introduced as a secondary logo as it mainly uses the 2014 Globe logo. The wordmark became a main logo in 2017 to compete with Smart's recently rebranded PayMaya and to make their service available to their rival mobile networks like Smart.

How is GCash empowering the underserved?

Since its inception, GCash has focused on its singular goal of providing purpose-driven financial technology to empower the underserved. Yet, despite being one of the country's first movers in mobile payments, they faced some challenges in communicating the level of innovation they continue to achieve and pursue.

Gcash Logo Picture

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