Get the Assurance of Pure Proteins for a Lean and Ripped Physique with Isopure

Isopure is one of the most trusted protein supplement brands that is recommended by athletes and fitness enthusiasts world over. They bring to you over three decades of experience in providing premium whey protein isolate supplements for lean muscle development and faster muscle recovery. 

Why Choose Isopure?

Isopure protein supplements come with several beneficial features. Some of the benefits of choosing this supplement are as follows: 

  • They promote lean muscle development: With every serving of this supplement whether you choose Isopure Zero Carb or other types of products, you can get 25 g of the purest proteins. They are micro filtered for easy absorption. This protein supplement is low in sugars, fats and carbs, ensuring lean muscle development. 
  • They aid muscle recovery: In addition to proteins, Isopure also gives you the advantage of amino acids like EAAs and BCAAs. These amino acids are necessary for the muscles to repair any microscopic wear and tear that occurs during workout. The fast acting proteins also help the muscles recover instantly after strenuous training. 
  • They help improve overall performance: Faster recovery means that you are able to avoid muscle fatigue and soreness. These supplements also contain essential vitamins and minerals that keep you feeling energetic all day long. This helps you improve your performance with each training session. 
  • They can even be used by individuals with lactose intolerance: The whey proteins are filtered to remove lactose which can cause allergic reactions in individuals with lactose intolerance. This is why, Isopure is safer for most people to consume. 
  • They are made from high end ingredients: All Isopure supplements are manufactured in GMP Certified facilities. This ensures the highest quality in terms of the raw material used to manufacture the different products. 

Types of Isopure Supplements? 

There are two types of Isopure protein supplements as mentioned below: 

#1. Isopure Low Carb Protein Powder 

  • Get 25g of pure, micro filtered whey protein isolates in each serving. 
  • It is low in carbs and contains zero sugar and zero fat, promoting lean muscle development. 
  • It is gluten and lactose free, making is safe for everyone to consume. 

#2. Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder

  • Each serving of Isopure Zero Carb gives you 25g of pure whey protein isolates derived from high quality sources. 
  • Formulated primarily for lean muscle development, this supplement contains zero carbs, zero sugar and zero fats. 
  • It is free from gluten, lactose and any other impurity. 
  • It contains amino acids like glutamine which is vital for muscle recovery. 

How to consume

Mix one scoop of Isopure Protein in 160-180 ml of water. Shake well to make a thick protein-rich drink. 

You can consume 1-2 scoops each day first thing in the morning, after your workout or in between meals for faster muscle recovery and to prevent catabolic muscle loss. 

Where to Buy 

Get authentic Isopure supplements on HealthKart. You can also enjoy great discounts and added HK points with each purchase making this the most economical source for all your nutritional needs. Get doorstep delivery of all the products along with an easy return policy, making this a reliable purchasing option as well. 


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