Getting IV therapy in Florida: Your cure for hangovers

Hangovers are awful. If you have ever experienced a hangover, you know that the symptoms can be severe at times. A hangover occurs when you consume way too much alcohol than what your body can manage to process. You may end up having a severe headache the next day, although symptoms may vary. Alcohol causes dehydration, and you may experience fatigue and vomiting too. If you check online for a Florida cure hangover, you may find many people talking about IV therapy- short for intravenous therapy. In this post, you can find the basic details of IV therapy. 

What causes a hangover?

The obvious reason for a hangover is the excessive consumption of alcohol. There are also risk factors that may make hangovers worse. For instance, if you consumed alcohol on an empty stomach or were smoking while drinking, your hangover could be hard to deal with. Congeners can also worsen hangovers. Because your electrolyte levels are depleted, you may have symptoms like irritability and unexplained weakness. 

Can IV therapy help?

IV therapy is not an exact cure for hangovers but can improve the symptoms and make your feel better. Since your body is dehydrated, administering fluids directly into the bloodstream can help immensely. Some people feel better within 10 to 15 minutes. If dehydration is the concern, can’t you drink a lot of water to get rid of a hangover? The short answer is no. While drinking fluids can help your hangover, it is impossible to drink a lot of water in one go. IV therapy allows you to recover without worsening your symptoms. The good news is you can ask for other medications for headaches and nausea, and those can be injected into your body directly along with IV therapy for immediate relief. 

How to get IV therapy in Florida?

There are many IV therapy lounges, but you can also find services to offer the treatment at your home, hotel, or anywhere else. A licensed, board-certified physician only administers these IV fluids, and you can go for a package that includes IV therapy with vitamins and antioxidants. This may offer immediate relief, and you can go ahead with your day as usual. There are no known side effects of IV therapy, but make sure you use a reliable service. Let the physician know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, but IV therapy is usually a safe option for most adults over 18. 

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