Here’s How to Setup a Call Center From Scratch

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No matter your familiarity with web design, call centers, and digital best practices, it’s important to always strive to improve your customer service as well as the customer experience. Customer satisfaction is critical to business success and each customer interaction should be meaningful. If you’re a smaller business, this can mean setting up a contact center to provide a dedicated hub of customer service. So, how do you do it?

Call center basics

Customer support looks a lot different in the digital era. Instead of large contact centers filled with phone banks, one of the best practices is to rely on call center software. It can boost agent productivity, provide a great customer experience, and even integrate artificial intelligence to help you juggle multiple communication channels with ease. Plus, integrating support center software with your own website improves ease of use and helps you acquire more relevant data and customer information. It is common knowledge that some countries restrict access to calls and communications from within their geographical region this is why it is also handy to subscribe to the best free vpn to quickly surpass issues like this.

Modern call centers work as customer relationship management (CRM) tools that can route calls to the appropriate agent, handle digital queues, and even use AI to collect pertinent customer data without human input. Commonly, they rely on computer-telephony integration (CTI) to ensure all of your systems are communicating with each other, which greatly enhances the user experience. Functional websites that utilize these communication channels often have a more successful support team but it’s important to follow some key best practices, especially when it comes to web design.

Meaningful web design matters

Certain web pages and CRM systems are more compatible with contact center solutions than others. Even the most functional websites may not be optimized to display on a mobile device or are using outdated web design tools that impact their performance which, in turn, dampens the customer experience and makes contact that much more difficult. Even if you’re not comfortable with apps like Adobe Dreamweaver or you haven’t set up a Salesforce platform for your online store, there’s bound to be a streamlined web design program that facilitates ease of use without bogging you down with the intricacies of website design, mobile apps, or features like a drop interface.

WordPress, in particular, is loved amongst initiates and veterans who build websites. It’s often referred to as the best web design software because its ease of use means your web pages can be as simple or complex as you’d like. You don’t even need to be a web developer to craft web pages that integrate with your communication channels like your call center or your Facebook page. WordPress sites are also known for how well they communicate with search engines, which is a plus on the workforce optimization front. Businesses of all sizes use WordPress to connect with their cloud customer experience platform, leading to better insights into contact center performance and a great experience for all users.

Getting started

If you already use a website builder, browse the platform’s help desk to determine its usability alongside your contact center software. Sometimes this is in the form of a PDF. Otherwise, it may just be listed somewhere on a support page. If your web design software isn’t compatible, you may need to take a different approach. You may need to port your own website to a different web design tool. If you’re going to be using the Salesforce console, Salesforce call center software, or the service cloud, you need to verify compatibility here, too. Once you’ve confirmed connectivity with your contact center solution and set up features like click-to-call, you can start developing your web design. Prioritize ease of use, especially on mobile devices. You should have your support team design mobile apps in JavaScript just to achieve smart website design; however, your web pages should auto-adjust to mobile interfaces.

Once you’ve handled these steps, all that’s left is to wait for the calls to start flowing in via your call center software. While it may sound complicated, once you get going with your chosen web design tool, the pieces should naturally fall into place.


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