How industries have been boosted by the pandemic

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Many industries have seen a huge rise in business and profits due to the pandemic which might come as a surprise to some due to the pandemic causing the closure of most stores and shops as well as a lot of people losing their jobs or being put on furlough. A prime example of one industry that used the pandemic to its advantage was the gambling industry with it now being at a record high since the pandemic started. There have been many online casinos that have been boosted by the pandemic like the ones at Max who have seen a huge surge in new users over the past few years heading to their platforms to earn some extra income and also to keep busy due to having a lot more free time on their hands. The pandemic caused millions of people to head to the internet and apps to keep them occupied during being stuck at home and this is where a lot of people headed to online casinos due to them offering thousands of different games to choose from. The gambling industry used the full tools of marketing and especially across social media with them promoting more adverts than ever before to help bring in a lot of new business with thousands of new customers signing up to make accounts and play on them during the pandemic. 

Online casino searches during the pandemic were at an all-time high due to the gambling industry doing all that they could to keep on bringing in new business. The gambling industry is now at a new record high with them looking set to beat last year’s profits and new users. With the huge success of online casinos, it is not clear if the companies will be opening the doors to customers again since the online ones are now doing so well. Land-based casinos look set to keep their doors closed for the future due to the success of the online ones, unfortunately for some gamblers they do not have the luxury of owning a smartphone or laptop to be able to gamble on and the casino was a way of them getting out of the house, lockdown is now lifted so there are still millions of casino players who are hoping the doors will open up again so that they can once again experience the casinos. 


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