How Much Can One Make By Selling Merchant Accounts

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Selling merchant accounts can be profitable if certain steps are followed. The agent should be very careful and work hard in order to be able to earn a huge sum of money. Earnings are directly related to hard work in this business. The more one works, the more will be their earning.

Types of income

Here are two types of income which are provided to the agent who earns their living by selling merchant accounts.


Residual income can be made by agents is they indulge in selling merchant accounts. Once an agent is able to reach merchants who need the service and are able to explain the benefits of the product and the service, merchants generally enroll themselves with the company, once enrolled, they are provided with the machine where they can swipe the debit or credit card to make cashless transactions.

When the merchant swipes the card, a minimum amount is deducted from the customer, this minimal amount is given to the agents as a residual income. Residuals are basically a one-time payment given to agents for being able to successfully convince a merchant to start a business with the company.


A bonus is another great way for making some money. Residual incomes aren’t enough for someone to lead a healthy and happy life. They mostly depend on bonus money to lead their life. When an agent brings new customers to the company, they get a percentage as commission; this is given every time a new merchant enrolls with the company.

Agents get bonus whenever a cashless transaction is made, therefore, unlike residuals, it is not a one-time payment and is used as a motivating force for agents by the company. This gives agents the urge to increase their merchants as more merchants mean more cashless transactions which will eventually contribute as a bonus for the agent.

Ways to increase the earning

  • Set a target

Setting a target is very important. Every person should have some goals in their life as it acts as a motivation and helps them to keep working no matter what. Whenever one loses hope or wants to give up, a look at the goals will provide them a renewed strength to work harder and be successful in life. Targets are important because when work gets monotonous and the agent is tired of it, it will help them to get up and start working.  The target of an agent can be to increase their salary or to make a name for itself in the industry, whatever the reason may be, it is important to set a target.

  • Keep writing customers happy

Keeping your customers happy is the last step that an agent needs to take in order to be successful. They work to satisfy their customers and when customers are satisfied, they refer more merchants to the agent and the agent is able to make more merchants enroll with the company which will help in increasing their residual income. A good relation with the existing merchants will help the agents to solve their problems within seconds and this will lead to customer loyalty.

And, embarking on the journey of how to start a payment processing company necessitates a strategic roadmap. Conduct in-depth market analysis, understanding regulatory landscapes. Develop a robust business plan, outlining technology integration, risk management, and customer acquisition. Cultivate partnerships, prioritize security measures, and innovate for a competitive edge in the dynamic payments sector.


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