How To Handle Negative Facebook Reviews

Whether you are a business or a brand with a Facebook page, you should always be ready to receive negative comments geared towards tearing you down. At times it might be an angry customer who didn’t like the goods or services they purchased from you. Others may be paid by your closest competitors to soil your good reputation for their gains.

Either way, learning how to respond positively is, especially if you are looking to maintain the right public image that you’ve been having for the most extended haul. Below are the steps you can follow when handling negative Facebook reviews:

Focus mostly on the positive reviews

There are times when choosing not to engage the troll will always serve you right. There are times when someone will leave a baseless negative comment to get your attention. If the latter ever is the case, then your first order of business ought to be ignoring the negative review.

Moreover, while you are busy ignoring the negative review, make the positive reviews, and those with constructive criticism, a priority. By doing so, you will be sending a strong message that you don’t have time with trolls since you are busy giving attention to those deserving individuals.

Don’t lower yourself to their level

Apart from focusing on the positive reviews and ignoring the trolls, you might also want to learn how to respond to negative people positively. For instance, if the negative comment is aimed towards your goods or services, you can respond by asking the client where exactly they had a problem so that you can assist them. If they are willing to talk about it, then you win by making the changes and updating them on the same comment. If they choose to continue being low, then you should either delete their feedback or leave them to their misery.

Make a reference

There are times when clients may feel frustrated by something and choose to lash out on your Facebook page. If that’s the case, then you should find a unique way of talking to them. One way of doing so is by asking them to send a detailed email with their queries so that they can have someone reach out and right the supposed wrongs. You can also choose to inbox them and kindly request more information which you will use in a bid to solve the problem.

Even better, you can request that they inbox their mobile number so you can have a personalized conversation. Once the case has been solved to the commenter’s satisfaction, you can ask them to go back to the negative comment and update it. Doing so will allow others to know that your business is dedicated to serving.

Remove the comment

There are times when engaging with an irate personality will be a complete waste of time. During such instances, learning how to remove a negative review on Facebook will most certainly come in handy. Thankfully, removing a comment isn’t that difficult since you’ll be required to click on the comment where you’ll be presented with the options to either edit or delete. Choose the delete option. It would also be a good idea for you to block such an individual to avoid further unwanted contact.


Learning how to handle negative feedback, especially on public platforms, will go a long way in helping you stay on top of your game. More often than not, the public will pay more attention to your response than they would the negative comment. Therefore, try as much as you can to avoid being confrontational because doing so will only serve to hurt your business. Therefore, if you care to follow all the above procedures, you will always come out on top every time someone tries to blast either you or your business online.


David Rosenberg: A seasoned political journalist, David's blog posts provide insightful commentary on national politics and policy. His extensive knowledge and unbiased reporting make him a valuable contributor to any news outlet.