How To Join Online Sabong Philippines


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How to play online Sabong in the Philippines?

To join the fun in playing the #1 Online Sports betting game in the Philippines today, just go to, create your account, and start your Online Sabong Journey. We’ll see you in the cockpit, ka-sabong!

How do I login to my Sabong international account?

Open a browser (Recommended: Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera) then visit to login. 3. Add credits/balance on your account to start playing.

What is the difference between Sabong and online betting?

The manner of betting may not be as streamlined compared to sabong online betting but it’s more exciting and lively. If you prefer bigger bets, then it’s best to participate in bigger derbies and competitions including the World Slasher Cup, an international derby held twice a year, and attracts thousands of participants.

How popular is E-Sabong in the Philippines?

The Philippine cockfighting industry is believed to be worth just over US$1 billion per year, according to the country’s Games and Amusement Board. Meanwhile, e-sabong is around a decade old, but has exploded in popularity because of the coronavirus pandemic.

How To Join Online Sabong Philippines

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