How to make people click that link and visit your landing page

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One of the biggest struggles of every digital marketer is to make people visit their landing page. It is hard especially for the new marketers. However, there are a few methods that you can follow to make sure that people are clicking on your ads and visiting your landing page.

Some mistakes people do when creating Facebook ads

Beginners are often desperate to get results. You must understand that a Facebook ad needs to get optimized several times before it starts giving you the desired result.

You need to do the audience research. Your ad should target people who are deeply interested in your niche and are also involved in it. It means they purchase similar products or show a keen interest in similar products.

Many new marketers do not spend enough time on market and audience research.

What should you do?

Your ad must be enticing with a CTA (call to action) at the bottom. In order to get people click on the CTA, you need a good copy. Remember that facebook advertising is not as easy as creating a simple ad on Facebook. If you want people to click on your link, you need to offer more.

Hire a good copywriter to make the ad copy attractive. It should flow in a manner that people will eventually feel compelled to click on your link.

Do not just stop there. Your landing page must also offer something. It could be either a freebie if you are collecting emails. It could also be a discount if you are selling something.

Hire a good agency

All these seem like a lot of work for a person who is already running a business. Hence, it is better if you hire an agency to assist you. Generally, they have quite the experience with all types of niche. Their ads will bring in quick results and you will learn a lot while working with them.


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