Innocent Smartphone Habits that Can Ruin Your Battery Life

While we like to take care of our new smartphones, certain habits we have become accustomed to could already be killing our battery life. Just because you use original chargers and avoid draining your battery, this already means you are already doing a great job keeping your battery in great shape. While turning to an expert for cell phone repair is one good way to fix the issue, prevention is still the best way to prolong the life of your precious phone.

If you are guilty of the following innocent habits, then you are already ruining your phone’s battery health.

Ignoring Airplane Mode

When we travel, we like to keep our phones connected. Even as we reach our destination, we want to constantly monitor our social media pages. But if you know that you are going somewhere where the connection is a bit spotty, then it is best to keep your phone in airplane mode when you are not using this.

Your phone tries hard to constantly find a connection when the service is bad. If it fails to reconnect to a nearby cellphone tower, it will keep on sending signals to try to reconnect you. Even if you don’t touch your phone, it will continue using power to send and receive signals.

If you want your phone’s battery to last, turn your airplane mode on to save your battery. If you really need to connect to the internet, try to find a free public WiFi connection. This can help you conserve energy while helping you stay connected to the internet.

Keeping Unnecessary Apps Running/installed

Many apps can run in your background. Take Facebook, for example. This go-to social media app can do things in your background even if you don’t try to use it for a couple of hours. It works overtime to send you updates and notify you of any chats you may have missed.

According to some users, uninstalling Facebook saved their battery life by up to 20%. They did this to check the impact of the app on their phone’s performance. After uninstalling the app, they found that other apps launched faster and that the battery’s life improved.

Consider uninstalling the apps you don’t use and need to extend your battery life. You have the option to use your browser and utilize desktop versions instead of the main apps. You get to save precious memory space by reducing your installed apps.

Allowing All Notifications

It’s great that your phone constantly tells when you have notifications on your favorite social media apps. But remember that every time you receive a notification, your phone lights up and uses a tone to get your attention. Even if you are not interested in the notification, it is easy to be tempted to open the said app.

If uninstalling an app is not an option, then choose to turn off its notifications instead. This way, you will only get notified of the apps you actually use and needs an update. You can avoid draining your battery by simply turning on notifications of your important apps.

Doing so will also help you avoid using apps you are not supposed to browse at certain times of the day. You could be working, and social media is your weakness. But turning the notifications off during work hours, you will stay productive and focused at work.

Leaving Your Bluetooth and Locations Services On

Some mobile users keep their location services on to keep apps updated where they currently are. This is for those who often check real-time clocks, time zones, local weather, use food delivery services, or leverage ride-service hailing. By turning your location service on, you can provide your accurate location without doing this yourself.

Others make use of Bluetooth to update their Fitbit. Some use this to blast music in their speakers. But since your location service and Bluetooth runs and connects to the internet, these are also draining your battery in the background.

If you are not using your Bluetooth and there is no need to turn on your location, choose to turn off these options. This will help conserve your battery. You are also giving your battery a favor for giving it more time to rest while your phone is in idle mode.

You spent hundreds of dollars on buying your own phone. You want to make sure its best features keep running in excellent shape, including your battery. Make sure you only take good phone habits if you want your investment to last.

Meta title: How You Ruin Your Phone’s Battery Life Without Knowing
meta desc: When buying a new smartphone, the battery is among the aspects buyers consider. But most of the time, your habits keep you from optimizing the battery life.


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