Looking for a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer? Here’s a guide

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Not all marriages are forever. If you have decided to file for divorce, the next step is to check the state laws. Also, as a person who doesn’t know much about family and divorce laws, you have to consider seeking legal help. Finding the right Salt Lake City divorce lawyer is important, and in this post, we are sharing all that you need to know about hiring a lawyer and basic state rules. 

Knowing the basics

Utah allows for both fault-based and no-fault divorce. In a fault-based divorce, the spouse filing for divorce must show a ground and provide evidence to get through the process. Grounds include incurable insanity, cruelty (either/or mental and physical), willful desertion, willful neglect, adultery, and conviction of a felony. In case of no-fault divorce, just showing ‘irreconcilable differences’ is enough as a reason. There is an online free form generation service in Utah, called Online Court Assistance Program (OCAP), which can be really handy. 

Do you need a divorce lawyer?

Yes, absolutely. Divorce is a complex process, even when you agree with your spouse on settling points of contention. For instance, distribution of assets must be equitable, not equal. Or, how do you plan to handle child custody? Do you need spousal maintenance? Your divorce lawyer is your biggest asset in getting a fair deal, and they are responsible for protecting your rights, easing the negotiation process, and ensuring that your expectations are met. 

How to find a good lawyer in Salt Lake City?

There are many law firms in Salt Lake City that deal specifically with divorce and family law cases. If you want to hire an attorney, ask these questions – 

  1. How long have you been practicing as a divorce lawyer?
  2. How many divorces have you handled so far?
  3. What you do think are important aspects that can impact my case?
  4. I want the child’s custody. What are your recommendations?
  5. How do you charge for your work?
  6. Are you accessible for updates? 
  7. Will you handle my divorce personally? Or another associate from the firm will be assigned? 

Make sure that your divorce lawyer is accessible and available. Ask them about their case load, and do discuss the financials, including costs that must be incurred to complete the divorce. Most lawyers work on an hourly rate, but some may ask for a flat fee. Divorce lawyers in Utah cannot work on a contingency basis. 

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