Looking for an employment discrimination lawyer in Irvine? Check this guide!

Pregnancy Leave Law in California: A Legal Guide (2021)

Any form of discrimination or harassment at workplace is unethical, immoral, and should not be tolerated. From discrimination based on age, gender, race, and pregnancy, to sexual harassment, every case should be reported. If you believe that you have suffered employment discrimination and want to take action, your first step should be about contacting an attorney. In this post, we are sharing few factors and tips to find the right Irvine employment discrimination lawyer. 

  1. Experience

Many lawyers just only devote a part of their work to employment discrimination lawsuits, so you need to do your homework. Make sure that the lawyer is experienced, known, and reliable. You can ask for references, or check online for independent reviews. The first meeting with an attorney is the most important one, where you can ask about their work profile and share details of the case. 

  1. Ask questions

Once your lawyer has discussed the basic aspects, you have to consider asking a few questions- 

  1. Do you think that my case qualifies for employment discrimination?
  2. What should I do right now on my part?
  3. What do you think will be the possible outcome of this case?
  4. Will I get reinstated in the job? (if you have been wrongfully terminated)
  5. Do you have a conflict of interest?

Keep in mind that in some cases, an employment discrimination lawyer may work for employees and employers alike. As such, they may have a relationship or affinity towards your employer. Make sure that there is no conflict of interest when you finalize hiring a lawyer. 

  1. Discuss the costs

Filing an employment discrimination claim and taking things to court can be an expensive affair. While most cases do get settled outside of court, this may not be the same all the time. Ask your attorney about the possible costs of the case, including their fee. Unlike personal injury lawsuits, where most lawyers take their fee on a contingency basis, the same may not be true for employment discrimination lawyers. It depends on the facts of the case, so ask your attorney how they intend to ask for a fee. 

Final word

Sometimes, a law firm may have multiple employment discrimination lawyers of California working for them. Ask the lawyer if he will represent the case personally. If not, make sure that you evaluate the profile of your attorney working on your case. Shortlist some of the best attorneys in Irvine now to discuss things further.


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