Making Statements About Your Car Accident: Where Honesty and Consistency Could Take You

If you have filed a claim after being in a car accident in Idaho, you will be making statements for some parties including your idaho car accident attorney, the police, and insurance adjusters. When you make statements, you should be honest and consistent. Otherwise, your claim could be reduced or even denied. 

How Your Honesty Can Affect Your Claim

As a car accident victim, you may try to exaggerate how serious your injury is in the hopes of getting more compensation from the at-fault party’s insurance provider. Also, you trust the insurance company to give you fair compensation, so you may overstate your injuries. But, not being honest with your statements may spell trouble. The insurance company will use your exaggeration to deny your claim or settle you claim with a devalued amount. Insurance companies have private investigators who will dig deeply into your case, and there is a high possibility that they could discover your exaggerations. 

Moreover, it is important to have your daily actions lining up with your statements. For instance, you may post photos or status updates on Facebook that could contradict your claim regarding the severity of your accident injuries. The insurance company may use your photos against you if you look engaged in physical activities that are not consistent with the injuries you claimed to suffer. 

Ensuring Consistency in Your Statements

  When you discuss your accident with a party, make sure you use clear and simple language. Discuss anything that is not clear to you with your attorney first. Your lawyer can explain how you could present information in a way that won’t damage your credibility. 

Often, you can stay consistent with your statements if you limit what you say. If you are asked to give statements, focus only on the basics about the accident like where and when it occurred. If you have a lawyer, you can tell the insurance company to contact your attorney if they have further questions. If you share more information than the basics with the insurance company, you could get tricked into saying something that will reduce the value of your claim. 

Consulting an Experienced Attorney

 If you have been in an auto accident, your consistency and honesty could go a long way in helping you get fair compensation. Consulting a skilled lawyer promptly is necessary to preserve your claim and get the highest amount of compensation available. They help you understand where you stand in your case and clear any confusion you may have.    


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