New York Hair mistakes

Many are sure that you do not need to wash your hair as it gets dirty, but according to a certain regime. On the Internet and at Midtown Barbershops, recommendations have even appeared on how to avoid frequent hair cleansing. Tips for every day about changing hairstyles (tight ponytails), using dry shampoos have become a fashionable trend.

To choose the right care, you need to know the structure and characteristics of the hair. Therefore, do not immediately believe the advice from advertising. Certain tools can just not work for you. Someone’s scalp is dry, while someone is prone to oily, since the sebaceous glands work more intensively. Therefore, no matter how you accustom your hair to a convenient regime, it will look like the organism allows. In addition, insufficient cleansing can lead to blockage of the skin, itching, dandruff, brittleness and hair loss. Hair should be cleaned as it gets dirty and it is advisable to apply shampoo twice, because the first time the dead skin cells are not completely removed.

Beauty experts do not recommend washing with hot water, as the sebaceous glands are stimulated by high temperatures. Subsequently, it can lead to the rapid contamination and problems with clogging of the skin pores, and the scalp. It is better to choose water of medium temperature, and in the end to arrange a small contrast shower, which stimulates blood circulation and will contribute to more intensive hair growth.

After water procedures, in no case should you intensively wipe your hair with a towel. Wet curls are heavier and easily susceptible to mechanical damage,they can be easy pulled out. Hair should be slightly dampened with a towel, given time to dry naturally and only then proceed to styling. The same goes for combing. It is necessary to dry first, and then comb from the ends, gradually rising to the roots.

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