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How to win in online Sabong?

On the other hand, if there are tips & tricks to win in Online Sabong, the two things that all sabong players should keep in mind is Manage your betting money and Don’t Be Greedy.

What is Sabong and how does it work?

The mechanics and the objective of sabong are simple. Two gamecocks are pitted against each other, and they are motivated in advance to fight until the finish. For some, cockfighting is a bloody and brutal sport. For others, this sport is exciting with many learning how to bet on sabong to fully enjoy the experience.

Are You preconditioning your broodstock for sabong?

No sabong tips list is complete without a primer on preconditioning your broodstock. Make sure your birds are well-protected against the many common viruses out there before even thinking of breeding them.

What are the rules of Sabong day?

(6) Bet on the "mayahin" and white cocks on days with moonlit nights. (7) It is an unlucky day if one runs into a funeral procession on the way to the cockfight. (8) Shaving is avoided on sabong day for fear it might cause the game cock's blade to break. (9) Avoid having sex the night before.

Online Sabong Tips

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