Online Sabong Website


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Is online Sabong registration easy and secure?

We make Online Sabong Registrations easy and secure. For Filipino and International players, aims to deliver the outmost security and confidence while you play online. Get full assistance on your registration from our authorized agents.

What is Sabong live game?

In sabong live game, you make a bet on either of the birds. And in actual derbies, the bets are collected by the ‘kristo’. This arrangement has been practiced for decades and it’s now part of the colorful Filipino culture. It’s popularity never wavered even in the face of new technologies and the wave of online casinos.

What is Sabong in the Philippines?

Cockfighting has been an area of life within the Philippines for thousands of years. The spectacle of fighting animals has long been an area of human history. From horse racing all the way right down to rooster sport, sabong also existed across many cultures in some form and now online through live streaming.

Can You bet on Sabong?

Here, you can participate in betting. And the bets can reach millions of pesos since only the best enthusiasts, fans, and breeders attend these derbies. If you’re passionate about sabong and the betting frenzy that come with it, then these derbies can work for you.

Online Sabong Website

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