Playgrounds After COVID-19: What Owners and Parents Should Know

In the new normal, much emphasis is given to the safety and efficiency of sanitation of various places and events. And as we enter a post-COVID world — where youngsters are now freer to go out and play — commercial playground company owners and parents should be aware of how play spaces would look like.

The Role of Playgrounds

Pre-pandemic, playgrounds have played an essential role in developing the motor, socialization, and emotional skills of children. But as lockdowns were imposed, these play spaces were inevitably temporarily closed for everyone’s safety.

A number of people, especially the young ones, have felt distressed over getting isolated in their respective homes for a long time. It also brought about a negative impact on both their physical and mental well-being.

But as many a commercial playground company are now reopening their facilities, the play space has taken on a more profound role: It provides kids that much-needed breather after months of confinement.

As in the case before the pandemic hit, playgrounds also remain vital in helping children get the exercise they need to develop their physique.

Changes in Play Spaces

While playgrounds offer an avenue for kids to be more active again and achieve holistic growth, safety is still a huge concern. Because they’re for public use, one must not discount the risk of getting exposed to COVID-19 or any other pathogens.

This is why if you’re a commercial playground company, now’s the best time to apply the necessary adjustments to your facilities and adapt to the new normal. Here are some points you need to consider:

Going outdoors. COVID is transmitted via respiratory droplets. Several studies show that it’s more transmissible in closed and indoor spaces. If you only have playgrounds in such spaces, it’s advisable to have one outdoors. The better airflow outdoor can help dilute the virus. Plus, kids and guardians alike can benefit from breathing fresh air. The layout of your equipment should also help facilitate proper social distancing (six feet apart).

Regular cleaning of surfaces. According to research, the virus lives longest on stainless steel and plastic. If your play equipment has surfaces made of these materials, you have to be keener on keeping them clean. As this measure can be rather expensive, you should also put signages encouraging parents and chaperones to disinfect surfaces first before their kids use them.

Installation of hygiene stations. Speaking of disinfection, play spaces in a post-COVID world should also have hygiene stations. Provision of alcohol and other recommended disinfectants can help you keep playground users protected. It also shows your commitment to ensuring the safety of your place space.

Health and Safety Controls in Place

As of writing, there are still no reports of COVID outbreaks that can be attributed to outdoor play spaces. Though this is optimistic news, playground owners and parents alike should not let their guard down.

Apart from the use of alcohol and hand sanitizer, parents, caregivers, and children should always wear a mask for protection. As an added measure, physical distancing must be observed at all times.

If a kid or a guardian has COVID-,flu-, or even cold-like symptoms, it’s best not to enter the playground premises anymore. Staying at home is advised until an individual’s health condition has improved.

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