Polyethylene Foam as an Industrial Packaging Solution

It is important to protect your finished products during transport, whether they are fragile or not. For this purpose, you can choose polyethylene foam as the right packaging solution. It will keep the items intact regardless of the shipment distance. It also have many other advantages. According to the type of products your industry manufactures, you can opt for cross-linked or uncross-linked PE foam.

Specificities of Polyethylene Foam Packaging

Most manufacturing industries choose polyethylene foam to pack their products and ensure their protection. It is made of plastic, the same material used to manufacture classic plastic bags, but also milk bottles. It is even use to produce many other types of plastic items like toys. PE foam is generally available in form of a plank with dimensions of 2000 x 1200 mm and a thickness of 10 to 100 mm. And as far as the density is concerned, it often ranges from 18 kg/m³ to 150 kg/m³.

Every industry can order the color they want for their PE foam packaging. Most professionals opt for white or transparent polyethylene foams but you can select other tone: blue, red, pink, yellow. Polyethylene foam is 100% recyclable. So, if your company values the respect of environment, PE foam is an excellent choice for packaging. It is also perfect for cushioning the goods and damping against shocks, drops and vibrations. Plus, polyethylene foam is waterproof so, it will effectively protect your products against moisture. You can pick polyethylene foam rolls, sheets, bags and planks. And if you need polyethylene foam extruded profile, go to the web page https://novostrat.com/novoflex.

Cross-Linked PE Foam Packaging

To have cross-linked or reticulated polyethylene foam, the manufacturer needs to inject under high pressure a particular product into the base polyethylene. The aim of this method is to refine the foam and ameliorate its appearance. It provides the PE foam with perfect sealing properties, but also high stiffness and flexibility. Furthermore, this manufacturing technic allows to make durable, non-corrosive and non-abrasive cross-linked polyethylene foams.

Non Cross-Linked PE Foam Packaging

Non cross-linked polyethylene foam packaging, which is also known as non-reticulated polyethylene foam, is ideal to cushion different types of finished products. You can recognize it by its high compressive strength. This type of PE foam packaging absorbs shocks and vibrations with great efficiency. Besides, it is both affordable and ecological. According to your needs, you can choose the dimensions, the density and the colors you want.