Preparing Accident Reports and How It Should Be

Introduction – 

One of the most important things in establishing the safety of the workers as well as establishing the finest practises in the workplace is through incident reports. If an incident report is properly documented, then it helps to find out the dangers in the workplace environment and avoid such scenarios in the future, which can possibly endanger the life of the worker. Most importantly, a well-written accident report can assist in ensuring that the firm is compliant with labour regulations laid down by the government and also with its standards. One of the amazing things, that you will know is that, every firm has a sui generis guideline when filing an incident or accident report. How an organisation functions on a daily basis is most likely to be distinct from how your firm works. Another point that you ought to note is that you do not have to copy their same template or format. Rather, you should come up with some procedures and guidelines that reflect your firm’s system.

Incident Report and What it Should Include

At any workplace, if an accident happens, then the workplace accident report should consist of the basic accident information. The accident report should be factual, and it should be complete. It should comprise of the following like the position and the names of the worker involved, the names of any witnesses, the apt location or address where it happened, the exact time and date of the incident, a clear description and details of what happened, a clear description of injuries, and the loss if any occurred like of the property or person. Since no information can be left behind, it is important to start writing the report as soon as possible. If you delay in making the report, more complications will arise, facts will be lost, and it will be difficult to write since every person who witnessed the incident will have their own views. Plus, it is also equally important to write up every person’s view or what they remember.

Safety Management Software: 

There is also safety management software available, in which the workers are guided as they complete the event report through interview-style questions. There will be many questions, like “were there any witnesses?” and a more detailed questionnaire to ensure that the report is a complete and full report. The reporters of the incident can capture the time, date, location, witnesses’ statements, damage to property, injury to persons, environmental damages, scene changes, work permits, weather factors, and many more. They can also upload the pictures of the same and also more. You can check online or at the link referenced above about the incident reporting and investigation system.

Accuracy of the Report

The incident report must be very accurate, and there should be no grammatical or spelling mistakes. If it is handwritten, then there can be some corrections that come up, but again, there should be no corrections. If any correction is required to be made, then any deleted or added word should be corrected in front of any witnesses. The reports should be made in such a manner that it should be able to be interpreted in every way. Re-read the report and find out whether there is any missing part in the report or if any person or the injury or the damage is missed out to be written in the report. Next is the objectivity of the report, which is again an important part of the writing or making of the incident report.

Objectivity While Making the Report

Also, one of the most important points to note is to avoid the use of emotional words and statements that describe feelings. The reports should be completely factual and void of sarcasm, condescending statements, and judgmental remarks. Other points which should be included in the reports and the basis on which you should make the report are – Incident Legal Considerations, Physical injury, Assault, Property destruction, Work-related accidents, Theft or robbery, Aggressive behaviour, Serious illness, Imminent death, Illegal and criminal acts. Besides that, disruptive situations should also be listed in the report, including the cause of the accident or incident, and the signature of the supervisor is important. Plus, the report should be confidential and in everyone’s hands, as it can be manipulated.


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