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Are you trying to get rid of your outdated Atlanta home? You might feel trapped, like selling this undesirable house is a burden that is holding you back. So what are your choices if you’re in this situation? You can use a realtor or you could find a direct cash buyer. The ideal option is to market to a direct cash home cash buyer. “What are the downsides? What are they not telling us?”, you may be wondering why you have never heard of a direct cash home buyer in Atlanta before. A direct buyer bypasses a realtor and the traditional process of selling your home. Here are the positives and negatives of using a direct cash buyer.

One possible downside is that your cash offer might be a little under what you could get for your house in a conventional sale. But, it’s a guaranteed amount. 15% of all home sales fall through. There are no guaranteed purchasers when you list a home with a broker. In the end, time is money, save yourself the time and get yourself the cash for your undesirable home.

Sometimes, when you list your home on the market via a realtor, it is going to sit for weeks or months without a sale.

A big positive is you do not have to deal with agents’ fees, commissions, showings, repairs (you get it– there is a good deal of work involved in selling a home!), you can just do a cash deal and walk away from your unwanted house with a check. This works for people who are stuck in a difficult situation like divorce, a new job offer, or financial troubles.

Selling your Atlanta house could be a hassle. Unfortunately, sometimes the excitement of moving could be overshadowed by the burden of trying to get rid of your unwanted residence. Or perhaps there’s no excitement for you at all, all you need to do is get rid of the unwanted house that you feel as if you’re stuck with, like selling it is a pain. Maybe you inherited your parents’ house; maybe you have been renting a home out and you are ready to sell. Or perhaps your home has been sitting around the Atlanta market, just waiting to sell. No matter your circumstances, selling an unwanted house you can not get rid of is similar to using a ball and chain attached to your ankle. It makes everything in life tougher.

Joe Homebuyer is a team of professional home buyers, who pride ourselves on helping Georgia homeowners sell their homes successfully! We put the seller first, meaning the deal has to work for you for it to work for us. We are focused on education and integrity which has earned us our reputation as one of the most respected buyers in the area. We are your complete advocate, supporting and directing toward the best choice for your situation. There are no gimmicks, hassling, or costs. It brings our team incredible joy, meaning, and purpose to give people quick and reliable purchase offers and cash in hand for their properties. We buy houses all over Georgia, always paying great prices to homeowners. We make offers on all types of homes, no matter what condition they are in! We do not require financing to buy your house. We have cash in hand, and because of this, we are able to close FAST! We can close as soon as 7 days, but the actual closing date is always up to you. From start to finish, we will work on your terms and resolve any issues you might be facing! Sell Your Atlanta House For Cash today!


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