Some of the Poker terms every player should know

Online Poker

Initially, Poker was there only in the Casinos. Due to technological development, Situs Poker Online came to action. You can visit these sites to play any Poker game like Domino Poker. These sites offer various games with bonuses and other benefits. Their user interface will be better enough to give the users a clean environment to play. The recent technological era has created many Poker players, mainly through these online centers. Although you may know the rules of Poker, you should know some of the Poker terms to access through these websites easily. In this article, let us see some of these Poker terms to help you understand the game better. 

Some of the Poker terms to know

Check – Checking is the process of declining the opportunity to open the betting. You can check when there is no bet in the current round. If you check, the action is passed to the next person in the hand in the clockwise direction. When all the active players check, the round is complete.

Bet – It is the process of placing chips into the pot. You will place three units of your game limit. You can bet if there is no current bet in the hand. Once a bet is made, other players will call matching the bet to remain in the hand. On each betting round, every player should either match the bet or fold. The hand is complete when no more bets are there, and every player has checked.

Bet Blind – It is the process of betting without seeing your cards. It is to suppress the opponents from raising. Some people will make a blind bet after seeing their cards unnoticed. This action is the wrong style of play.

ABC Poker – It is a straightforward style of play without any strategies and fancies. It is the beginner play that can work in some cases, but most will create a disadvantage of opponent player predicting your moves due to the straightforward style of play. 

Fold – It is the action of throwing away your hand when it is your turn to act in the round. If you fold forfeit, you cannot win or play in the hand anymore. 

Call – It is the action of calling when a bet is made in the hand. You should match the highest bid made. 

Raise – It is also an act of matching the highest bid by raising and subsequently making another bet. 

Showdown – Once the last bet or raise is made, each remaining active player should either show or declare the hands. The best-ranking hand is the winner of the pot. The players will start to show their cards one by one. 

Jackpot – A Jackpot is a prize award given by the Casino to players who meet a set of requirements. A player four-of-a-kind can get a Jackpot. This award varies with Casinos. 


To enter Poker, you should know some of these Poker terms. If you know these, you can get to understand the process and proceedings of the game without confusion. Apart from the listed terms, there are hundreds of other terms used in Poker.


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