The Best Probiotic Use Now for You

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria or yeasts. They help in particular to preserve the fragile balance of the intestinal flora. Probiotics can be categorized as natural health products since they come from nature and are living organisms. Health market approval process for these products is rigorous, although it differs from that for drugs. As part of this process, manufacturers of probiotics available as pharmacy supplements must demonstrate “health claims” for their products.

Effect on the health of the urinary and genital tract

It has been suggested that probiotics may help maintain a healthy urinary tract and genitals in women and help prevent urinary tract and vaginal infections. Once again, this remains to be demonstrated more clearly.

4 Best Probiotics for Women - Probiotic Supplements for Women

Know how to make an informed choice

For now, there is no known health risk associated with probiotics when their directions for use are followed. However, it could be risky to use these products to prevent or treat a condition or relieve symptoms without first consulting a healthcare professional. Always make sure that this is a good therapeutic choice. Very often, probiotics are used in addition to essential treatments.

Surprisingly beneficial bacteria: general characteristics

What are Probiotics? These are living bacteria, fungi, Escherichia coli, lactobacilli and other microorganisms that normally inhabit your intestines. All of them are subdivided into strains with different properties. Probiotics are found both in foods and in specially formulated drugs and supplements.

New and effective probiotic drugs colonize the gastrointestinal tract with beneficial bacteria, since they themselves contain strains of living microorganisms that live in the upper intestine.

  • Mon component probiotics – the preparation contains only one type of microorganisms. This group includes biosporin, lactobacterin, acylact;
  • Multicomponent drugs are also called symbiotics, several bacterial strains “live” in one drug. This group includes linex forte, acipol, bifidin, ocarin, bifikol;
  • In cases where probiotics and prebiotics are combined in a medicine, you are talking about synbiotics. Combined drugs include bifiform, bifidumbacterin, polibacterin, maxilac;

In the course of various studies and experiments, it was found that probiotics are beneficial and affect the following systems:

1Digestive. Probiotics improve the digestion of food, maintain a normal level of acidity, affect the production of certain vitamins, block the growth of pathogenic bacteria, and regulate the intestines. 2 Immune. Thanks to probiotics, the body stimulates the production of immunoglobulin’s, which are responsible for fighting diseases. In addition, beneficial microorganisms are able to block emerging infections.

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