The Common Factors for the Scottish Ceremonies and more with Bagpipes

The most common instrument in Scottish weddings is still the bagpipe. Bagpipes, more often on Scottish carnival shows. Lively, scottish men and women who can sing and dance often play the bagpipes and dance cheerfully at some leisure afternoon. At such dances, young men are always choosing their dance partners carefully, and they are also choosing their favorite girls. Beautiful love, perfect marriage, is the symbol of happiness, let them cherish, follow, and passed through the sounds of countless years of musical instruments one after another from generation to generation.Bagpipes have extremely high musical expressiveness, and are the media for classical music. The best bagpipe reviews discover the best options there.

Child playing Scottish Highland bagpipes

The world’s top music. The physical effort required to learn bagpipes is also overestimated. Even little boys and girls can effortlessly play Scottish Highland bagpipes. Of course, the effort invested in early learning is very important. These exercises are not harmful to children. In general, breathing exercises are also very healthy and beneficial for the practitioners (Children in Scotland had asthma before, and it is natural after learning bagpipes) Bagpipers are always known for their strong physique and long life span. 

Bagpipe structure

The Scottish bagpipe (Great Highland Bagpipe) is a kind of musical instrument . Scottish bagpipes consist of a blow pipe, a bag, a Chanter, and a Drone. In ancient times, the bag of bagpipes was made of the skins of animals such as pigs, cows, and sheep, or other materials. Today, synthetic materials are commonly used. The way the player provides air to the bladder is by blowing into the blowpipe. The airbag plays a role of storing gas, so that the player can maintain sound quality for a period of time while breathing. The sound tube has an open port, so it is difficult to stop the music while playing, which means that most bagpipes have a consistent sound during the playing process.

Left: Practice tube Middle: Performance tube Right and spiral

Left: In the practice tube: Playing tube right and spiral

The famous highland bagpipes are classified as woodwind instruments, bassoon, oboe, and clarinet. Although it is further divided into double reed instruments, the reeds are all enclosed in wooden “bases”, rather than other woodwind instruments that are blown directly by the mouth. The famous Highland bagpipes have four reeds, one bagpipe reed (one), two Tenor and spiral reeds and one Bass and spiral reed. Now with the scottish kilts for men online you need to be specific.

A set of modern Scottish bagpipes has a blowpipe, a playing tube, two TenorDrone (bass and coil) and a BassDrone (bass and coil).

The bagpipe scales are in a mixed lydia mode, one scale of nine tones. It ranges from above octave below the overall key. And the coil is tuned by LowA. The nine bagpipe scales are: LowG, LowA, B, C, D, E, F, HighG and HighA. At present, the pitch of most bagpipers and bagpipe teams is around 480 Hz, which is actually more B than the standard at 466.16 Hz. According to recordings and existing tools, it has historically been lower.

Continuous music

There is a constant sound and there are no rests in the composition.The strength of the playing will not affect the volume, but the pitch. When the four pipes are sounding at the same time, it is necessary to control the air pressure in the airbag. Otherwise, the four pipes will deviate from the pitch, which is a great difficulty in playing the bagpipes.

Remake effect

The bagpipes cannot adjust the volume and there is no pause in rhythm. It is difficult to express the music with a sense of music. The trick is to use the length of the sound to highlight the remake. During the remake, the sound will be slightly longer than the normal value, and the weak beat is slightly shortened in proportion. You can clearly hear that the solo bagpiper often uses this technique.