The Correlation Between Creative Writing and Narrative

Creative writing and narrative represent different papers format and styles in general, however they interrelate closely and supplement each other to enable the writer to provide the full story in a special way. Both creative writing and narrative mean people to express thoughts and ideas in a certain layout and due to certain purposes. 

Creative vs Narrative Writing

Creative writing counts using artistic expressions, imagination, stylistic tricks, and more. It may also include the exploitation of other genres, covering poetry, drama, non-fiction, and others. 

Narrative writing is exploited to present a layout of some event or story from the real-life experience of the author. The narrative covers a thorough description of significant events and characters who take part in them along with some descriptions. 

The Benefits of Creativity in Writing

Creativity in writing, even in a narrative, is a must-have characteristics to make the story more attractive and exciting both for author and audience. Here is the positive impact of creativity on writing in any style:

  • genuine events and ideas;
  • catching heading and introduction to attract the reader;
  • tone and style uniqueness;
  • unusual conventions, word order, fluent sentences;
  • exciting layout of usual events.

This way the creative writing adds attractiveness to narrative and makes it impressive and interesting to read.


Creativity is an inevitable part of any writing style. The author makes his text unique and attracts the reader with an unusual way of expressing his ideas and arranging events. So it is vital to find your own style of writing, strive to bring some uniqueness and special tricks to your story. Only this way the text will please the audience and makes the writing and reading process qualitative and impressive one.



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