The Ten Things Every Family Kitchen Needs

As we all try to keep up with the trends, an open plan living area is one trend that’s a must in every modern stylish home. And, a kitchen is the one place where endless memories are created between loved ones whether it’s romantic stay at home dinner dates, meal prep, relaxing or the kids doing their homework. For all of these and many more, the kitchen has truly become the heart of any home. And our article features the ten most desired things that a family kitchen desperately needs!

A Durable Work Surface

First on our list is a solid work surface needed by the kitchen of a hard-working family. Keep in mind that you more than have the option to make this surface not only tough but also very attractive. When it comes to choosing the right work surface for your family, there are several different types of pocket saver laminates which are widely popular among families. And, surfaces are available in natural wood finishes, Encore, durable yet stylish granite and even Corian which provides owners with the option of having a more uniform look that is fully integrated with a sink; and it gives any space the minimalist feel.

Wipe Clean Walls

Next on our list is easy clean walls, and believe us when we say we know how messy a kitchen can become. Your walls are going to see and feel so much action as life progresses, from greasy fingers to splashes and splatters. In the areas where you specifically prepare food, you should definitely try to get wall tiles that suit your style and the rest of your kitchen should be completed in specially formulated kitchen paint. Kitchen paint stands the test of time as it stays resistant to stains and even grease and it can be gently cleaned without the paint coming off of your walls.

An Eating Area

This has got to be one of the most obvious features of your kitchen and they are widely featured in any open plan area. So, if your kitchen is already spacious for a dining table, we’re sure that you’re going to put one in if you haven’t already. And if you’re strapped for space, you can be creative by using some counter space for a simple breakfast bar.

A Place To Relax

By keeping in tune with what we said earlier as the kitchen being the heart of your house, you can really give it the hearty look and feel. This can be done as you create a space for your loved ones and even friends to relax with the simple addition of a super comfy sofa. But be sure to go with something that can be easily cleaned! Easy wipe surfaces are great since they don’t retain any scent as you cook up a storm.

The Latest Tech

As you add to your list of updated items in your kitchen, don’t forget to add in some neat technology. These include a TV as well as state-of-the-art sound system, wireless of course. And keep in mind that you’ll also need a designated area for charging time.

A Place For The Kids To Play

If you already have kids or are planning to have in the future, you should always think of creating a space that everyone can enjoy. Additionally, this can be done to encourage your kids to spend more time together with the family and they can also help out. This area should definitely include a storage area for toys and you can also include some cool craft stuff as well as table top games that your entire family will love.

Child Locks

Child locks are a must for any kitchen considering all the potential hazards that already exist within a kitchen. As you continue to protect your family, especially the little ones, it’s better to stay safe than to be sorry later. Be sure that you properly install the appropriate locks for all of your drawers and cupboards. Remember, don’t leave a child in the kitchen unattended!

Soft Close Cupboards And Drawers

If you’re living with teenagers, we’re sure you already know their love for slamming not only doors but drawers and cupboards alike! You can take a better approach to deal with this and install drawers and cupboards that are soft closing. And since slamming isn’t a thing anymore, you can even save some cash in the future as your hinges stay intact since they are not being slammed.

Family Sized Oven And Hob

If you have a large family, you should definitely look into buying extra hobs. This just simply makes the overall process of cooking easier.

Adaptable Lighting

And last but not least on our list, the use of adaptable lighting. At different points of any day, your kitchen will be used in a different way. When you go for installing adaptable lighting, no matter the activity at hand, your lighting will be perfect, whether it be a romantic dinner or meal prep!

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