The ultimate winter fashion guide for men 2019

Now that winter is truly upon us, it is time to decide your style for the next few months. You need clothing that will keep you warm during the worst of the weather but that also allows you to fit with modern fashion. Here is a guide to some of the most recent trends and how you can make use of them.


A good suit always has its place in the wardrobe and this season, tailored suits are particularly popular, from the patterned to the more formal suit. Velvet has proven particularly popular this year. Different colours and styles are available depending on the statement you want to make. Farah shirts can fit perfectly underneath.


Heavy coats and fleeces alongside hiking trousers and sturdy boots are not just for men who enjoy the outdoors. Wearing these clothes in an urban environment is a great way to stay warm whilst remaining stylish. It also looks like brighter colours are becoming more acceptable, rather than more traditional muted tones.

Student chic

The fashion world regularly sees old designs making a resurgence and this year that means student wear. It all looks casual and hastily put together, with the big, recognisable statements such as duffle coats forming unlikely partnerships to make you look the part.

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It may not be the most environmentally friendly option, but polyester and nylon sportswear have come into fashion for men as well as women. You do not have to look like you are going to the gym, but these dark and functional designs can fit a suit that just happens to work in a sports setting.

Rock and punk

The leading man look is in style and has seen men donning their black or leopard print outfits alongside plenty of leather. Black jeans and a leather jacket are the simplest form of this look, but the more daring can opt for animal print to really catch the eye. Farah shirts will still fit under these more dramatic pieces of outerwear.


Tiny purses have been replaced by ever larger backpacks and holdalls. This means that not only can you stay fashionable, but you have a much more practical way to carry your belongings. Add some extra colour or an unusual fabric to make it an attention grabbing centrepiece for your wider outfit.


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