Things to Consider when Deciding on a Preschool in Singapore

11 things to note when choosing a preschool

Finding the best preschool in Singapore is about locating one which feels ‘right’ to the kid. Your child’s personal needs have to be considered, and also what’s ideal for them might not be greatest for different kids. When picking which preschool functions for you and your child, it is Critical to Take into Account the following:


How accessible is your preschool? If you don’t drive or are Joyful for small ones to catch the bus, it is likely not the best idea to send the children to a college on the opposite side of the staircase. You might even utilize the preschool near me listing to search for preschools around your region.


Which kind of application does the preschool provide? While a few Preschools follow a distinct educational system, others like to have a more flexible way of playing and learning. Some colleges combine lots of instructional philosophies in their program, so it is about picking what works best for the little one.

 Speech Program

What language does the pupil instruct? You could choose An entire Mandarin immersion program, a bilingual program, or a English-instruction faculty that educates Mandarin within this app. It is always useful to inquire how much instant language tuition is included in daily. If you’d like a trilingual association for the son or daughter, Pegasus International Preschool is the ideal option.

 School hours

How long is your school day? Rigorous half or full-day schedule, but others require more of a daycare strategy and provide longer days.


What facilities does the preschool offer? While some preschools have some seriously flashy classrooms, others offer more in the way of outdoor play spaces. Make sure you take a look around to see what your options are.

Child to Teacher Ratio

How many children per class? The student-to-teacher ratio Varies among different preschools, therefore it is great to consider should you want smaller or bigger group sizes.


Just how much can the charges price per term? For all, the fee Is a main concern. Prices vary tremendously amongst preschools. Constantly ask If vacation programs are contained at the termly fees — several colleges have Holiday breaks while some are in session almost throughout the year.


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