Time to Stay in Shape with Group Fitness Classes

You’ll probably feel a pang of pain on your back and shoulders caused by too much sitting or lying down. Then, you will discover that you’ve gained almost 10lbs for two months of passive lifestyle. Drinks over the weekend, buffets at lunch, sweet treats during afternoon teas–you’re officially abusing your body. The best way to get back up and lose those unwanted fats is to engage in exercise, but why do it alone when you can join group fitness classes in Brisbane

Working out in groups is actually more productive and not to mention, fun, because you have inspiration and a support system. Beside pushing yourself, you are actually accompanied by individuals who are also trying their best to sweat it out and lose that extra pound. With this activity, you don’t only achieve your dream body but also gain friends along the way. 

Group Fitness Training vs Personal Training

Some people enjoy the company of others than being roasted by a trainer alone. With groups, you have the freedom to move without being too conscious if you’re doing it right or wrong. In addition, you won’t easily feel fatigue because there are people who will motivate you. 

In personal training, it’s more of customized workouts for you to achieve your fitness goals. In this setup, the trainer’s attention is all on you, so you are required to follow his or her instructions for better control and alignment. 

All in all, the two are just the same but personal training is more of one-on-one training for superior results. The downside of this setup is, it’s expensive and follows strict execution of exercises. Given this, the majority of individuals only go for the group fitness classes because it’s affordable, fun and productive. 

Advantages of Group Fitness Classes

Learn why some people just couldn’t stand working out alone:

  1. Diversify your workout 

Doing the same exercises over and over again can make you feel weary over time because you don’t seem to enjoy it. Sometimes, this is the case with personal training because although the trainer can introduce new routines, you’re still stuck with the same movements. 

While in the group fitness classes, you can enjoy a variety of activities like cycling, pilates, boxing, kickboxing, mobility and stretching, cardio workouts and more. 

  1. Get to know more people

Working out in groups gives you chance to get to know more people. Having friends at the gym actually helps you become motivated to attend classes almost every day. This way, attaining your goal is easier and faster. 

  1. Push yourself more

Because you are performing the exercises with other people all at once, you can compare your progress to them and use this as inspiration to push yourself more. It is not being competitive but overcoming your weaknesses and proving to yourself that you can do more. 

What are you waiting for? Achieve your fitness goals one at a time by getting in touch with a reliable exercise physiologist in Brisbane. Make sure to enrol on a Personal Training gym to get the most out of your money. 


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