Tips For Making A Good Christmas Tree

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Christmas is getting closer. We are going to give you some tips and keys so that you have the most beautiful Christmas tree in the world.

Now is the time to decorate the house, put the Christmas lights, the Tree wreath (พวงหรีดต้นไม้  which is the term in Thai) on the door, the socks and of course, assemble and decorate the Christmas tree. We are going to give you several tips so that you have a super cute Christmas tree.

Choose A Good Location

First of all, it is very important to choose the perfect place to place the Christmas tree, since once we have decorated it, we will not be able to move it easily.

It must be located in a visible and spacious area of ​​the house, where the Christmas tree can shine and illuminate the room where it is. Our recommendation is to place it in the living room, next to the sofa or in a corner, giving your home a Christmas atmosphere.

Combine A Maximum Of 3 Colours

We all have at home a lot of decorations for the Christmas tree, balls that have been given to us, figures, lights, the star, a Santa Claus, homemade decoration, And in the end, when we put them all together, we have an assortment of decorations that overload the Christmas tree.

For that reason, we recommend using a maximum of 3 colours, which share intensity, so that it remains a beautiful and elegant Christmas tree. It will be the envy of all.

Combined Lights And Ribbons

When is the time to place the lights and ribbons? Before the decorations? After? We will tell you! The perfect order to decorate the Christmas tree is first the lights, then the ribbons, and last the decorations.

Why this order? Very easy. If you put the ribbons and lights after the decorations, it will be very bulky, and also, some of the decorations will not be seen due to the layers of lights and ribbons that will be on top. For that reason, we recommend following the order of lights -> ribbons -> ornaments.

Another very important factor is that the ribbon and the lights combine perfectly and if they share the same colour range, even better.


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