Top five apps to convert your image to pdf for androids

7 Best Document Scanner Apps for Android in 2019

There are various apps with the use of them; you can convert an image to a pdf form. When we used to be kids in school time, we needed to take notes and print them out for submission purposes. Then the concept of the xerox machine came, which allows having a copy of required pages. Today the note-taking process got changes. Now you take snapshots to get it to convert into pdf through various sites. Various apps will help you out in converting an image to pdf for androids:

Flash scan-

  • FlashSacn is the best app for digitizing your documents. You can install this app on your android device for brilliant results of conversion. Moreover, it provides you crystal clear scans of the document.
  • The flash scan can scan almost every kind of paper. Users are able to scan their ID cards, vouchers, and other documents through this app.
  • The OCR feature of this app can convert the image into text. It is also a good feature that will help you get the text present in the image and get it in writing.

Image to Pdf converter-

  • It is the app made to convert a jpg image to a pdf form.
  • It has the facility to crop and scale the image according to your choice so that you can optimize your pdf file.
  • This app is able to perform well without internet support which means it can be used in offline mode.
  • Moreover, one of the significant benefits of using this app is, it converts your image to pdf without storing the data on the cloud, which means your data is safe and private to you only.

JPG to PDF converter-

  • This app is free for every android user. It is an online jpg to pdf converter.
  • It has the privilege of merging multiple images into a single pdf document.
  • It also supports the offline mode and performs well without internet connectivity.
  • It also facilitates the user to set the PDF size (letter, A4, legal, etc.)
  • This app supports every kind of pdf viewer to open any pdf file.

PDF reader-

  • The next top-rated app for conversion of image to pdf is a PDF reader. Here are some points regarding this app-
  • It facilitates users to convert an image to pdf document anytime and anywhere.
  • If you read the review of this app, you will find it the most reliable app for converting images into pdf documents.
  • It helps you export images or text forms from pdf and save it in your phone storage.

Adobe scan-

  • It is the free app for documents scan which will help you convert your documents easily.
  • This app gives quick results and effortless in scanning any picture to pdf document.
  • It supports the scan of the multipage document and saves it within one tap.
  • This app can let you scan everything and anything.
  • You can access your photo scans and documents from the app camera roll. Moreover, you can touch up your documents accordingly.

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