Types of Asbestos with their specifications and uses

Every builder wants whatever he is doing the project gets cheaply, and he gets a lot of profit due to which he starts using a lot of poor quality material. Some materials are of such a nature that human beings are harmed in natural calamities. Still, some materials can be the victim of various diseases if found around humans. One such material is named Asbestos, which is being used by most of the builders at the time of construction. If it is found anywhere around the human being, then in a short period, a human being causes diseases like lung cancer and asbestos cancer. 

This is simply because such stores are a type of fabric chemical-based material that is spread into small particles in the surrounding environment when used. This is simply because Asbestos is a type of fabric chemical-based material that is spread into small particles in the surrounding environment when used. When these small causes go inside the human body, then they settle on the lungs or other parts of the body, due to the difficulty in breathing, swelling on the neck, and other symptoms. Many services based on the Asbestos survey have come in the market to avoid this type of problem, so you can quickly check the quantity of Asbestos in your building. Similarly, if you are a laborer, you can get it checked, so there is no threat to your life. 

Categories of Asbestos and their uses-

Based on color and functions, Asbestos is divided into different categories which are use for various tasks in different situations.  This means that different Asbestos is using in one task, and at the same time, if you want to check its quantity in your building and other items, then you have to hire a different specialist for each category. 

In such a situation, it becomes tough for every person to know how he will be able to know which category has been used in his building if he calls the Asbestos survey specialist. Then he will have to hire a different specialist for each category. Today we are going to tell you about them through this article, by which you will quickly check which type of Asbestos has been used while building your house.

  • White Asbestos-

It is the most commonly used category, and it is also known as Chrysotile. Today it is mostly found in various works like a roof, pipe insulation, automobile brake linings, and different. It is mostly used for cement related products because it has given strength to the object, and at the same time, every item is created at a very cheap value.

  • Brown Asbestos-

You must have noticed that nowadays cement sheet is used while constructing any house and building so that the roof or walls are further strengthened. Most of these suites use brown Asbestos, which is also known as the Amosite.  It is called brown Asbestos because its color looks like some dark brown color when you look at it. Along with this, you get to see different categories such as Crocidolite and many more.


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